Hello Familia!

Hello All!
My P-day is actually on Fridays so thankfully I can email right away! It’s been 2 long days here but its felt like 2 weeks haha. I’m not crazy about this place but I do know that it is important, and that I am doing the Lord’s work so that makes up for anything.
I don’t really know how to put what I’ve gone through the last 2 days into words! I guess I’ll just go through my day! When I arrived my host took me around to get my books, nametag and documents and residency and then finally to my classroom. I did some entrance questionaire stuff on the computer then had a couple hours in class. It is official. I know zero spanish…. Our teacher only speaks spanish to us so I have no idea what is going on 95% of the time! Our district is pretty small and has only Elders. There is Elder Ramos from the Phillipines going to  Las Vegas! And Elder Sioka from American Samoa going to San Antonio. Then there is Elder Seegmiller from Idaho and Elder Prisciotta from Vegas as well, they are me and my companion’s roommates. Then there is Elder Rasmussen from Idaho, Elder Lionetti from California and Elder Burnett from Utah. They are all really nice and just about on the same level of Spanish as me, I truly think I know the least. My companion’s name is Elder Hainsworth, his first name is Ezra if you want to try and Facebook stalk him or something haha. He’s from Mt. Pleasant Utah and is really cool. I was worried about having a weird companion but I lucked out. He’s really funny and went to Dixie for two years so he knew Connor! He is a good companion for me too because he knows when he needs to be serious versus when we can mess around and relax. My teacher is Hermano Dean in case anybody was wondering haha. Our zone only has one other district which has been here for 4 weeks already so in about two weeks a companionship from our district is going to have to be zone leaders! Our zone leaders are really cool though, as well as the rest of our zone. Two elders who are also going to Merida are being held back because of visa stuff so they have been really helpful in helping my companion and me out because we are both going to Merida as well so there is some connection there. After class we had an orientation and ate dinner than met our zone leaders for the first time before we went back to our residency. It is bigger than my room at BYU but so much sadder hahaha. Also we had this amazing training session with mock-investigators and the rest of the incoming missionaries where the Spirit really told me that I belonged here. I had the quote of the night and the teacher kept refering back to it and to me. I said something along the lines of “everybody needs the atonement whether they see that or not, so it is our job to help them unlock the power of the atonement, and allow them to take their salvation for themselves,” it was something like that haha.
Honestly night time is the worst time of the day. While it is time to relax and what not, it’s also the only time I have time to think about home and thats when I feel most home sick. I think I had a tougher time than every other missionary here because I really struggled saying goodbye to Sammy, Ben, Mom and Dad. It just seemed so much harder than I had thought it would be. But that is all behind me so I try not to think about it haha. I love how busy they keep us because I honestly don’t think much about home when I’m stumbling through Spanish haha.
Yesterday was our first full day and boy was it long. At the end of the day it felt like breakfast was two weeks ago haha. We had another good training workshop in the morning. The main theme right now is going through the missionary purpose and realizing our role in the conversion process. That our job is to invite others and to help them, but the conversion is through their relationship with God. All we can do is help strengthen, or even begin to establish that.
So I am really worried because my companion and I have to teach a lesson in Spanish in t-minus 6 hours! AHHHHHHHHHH. I literally don’t understand anything that happens in class. I catch maybe one or two words about every one or two minutes and have to work from there haha. But I know it will come! I don’t have much to say because I’ve only been here for two days but I love you all and miss you all terribly! I did a really bad job of getting emails hahaha so make sure that this goes out to everybody that wants it!
Elder Judd
P.S. My mailing address at the MTC is
Elder Marcus Castagno Judd
Sep 02 Mex-Mer
2011 N 900 E Unit 233
Provo UT 84602
I sent some letters today as well as this email so look out for them! Love you all!

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