Week 3!

DSCF0236Boy was this week an action packed one… I don’t even know where to start!

 So my district became the oldest district in our zone when the district above us left on Monday and Tuesday so Elder Pisciotta and Seegmiller got called as the zone leaders after two weeks! And I was made the district leader when Elder Pisciotta was promoted! That was all on Sunday. Fortunately for me, I missed the meeting where I was called to be the district leader because I was at the Emergency Room with my companion hahaha. So on Sunday morning around 6, Elder Hainsworth woke up and went to pick his head up off of his pillow when he heard a pop and a shooting pain in his neck. He doesn’t know what happened so he freaks out and wakes all of us up and says, “I heard a pop in my neck and can’t move…” So I immediately think he broke his neck somehow and was paralyzed!!! So we had to call the front desk and we got him to sit up and get into a van, at which point I knew he hadn’t broken his neck and would be fine thank goodness haha. So they drove us to the Hospital on Bulldog and State and we spent the morning getting him x-rayed, and he had just somehow pulled a muscle in his neck hahaha and sleeping by the way. Then we had to go to Walgreens and get him some muscle relaxers, an anti-inflammatory and some pain killers. It was seriously so weird getting off of the compound (as we call the MTC hahaha). We drove past Helaman Halls and all of the places that my friends and I hung out at, and that was when I realized that I was a missionary! hahaha It was super weird going into Walgreens because it felt like the real world in there! And I almost couldn’t recognize Provo with all of the construction going on! Entire buildings had literally disappeared and roads were under construction everywhere! But that was a fun morning! haha Oh and not to mention that was fast sunday so I was starving all day. On top of my own companion being out of commission, we had two other elders that I had to accommodate splits for because they were sick and had to go to the health clinic, or back to the residence, and all sorts of stuff so my first day was crazy as a district leader!

Also for some more district drama, one of our Elders who is going to Barcelona (we have 4 of them, all of which were supposed to go to the Madrid MTC but their visas didn’t go through) found out at lunch on Monday that his visa came through and that he was leaving the next morning at 2:30 so he had a crazy day of packing and stuff! When we lost him, we had to split up the threesome and now we have an even 8 elders. Also a new district came this week so our zone is up to a whopping 24 members!!! Which is small I’m pretty sure haha

This week went by really fast when I’m looking back on it, but at the same time it feels like a year ago that I said goodbye to everybody! Time here is really strange… The MTC is definitely an interesting place, but a spiritual place don’t get me wrong.

I really love our district’s teachers. Our full-time teachers are Hermana Williams and Hermano Dean, and then other teachers float in and out because they don’t have districts to teach at the moment! I see Hermano Mecham all the time, and he teaches us every couple of days! Something super awkward though was that our first investigator Favio, who we didn’t know was a teacher, came into our class the other day, and keep in mind we had taught him 3 or 4 lessons, so he knew just how bad we were at spanish hahaha so it was just really awkward when we saw him for some reason! It isn’t now though! Haha

Learning Spanish isn’t easy, despite what Spencer said about how, “Even children speak Spanish!” hahaha. I can definitely see my progress and that builds me up, and even the lessons with our “investigators” are improving. I am a lot better than Elder Hainsworth at Spanish though so I have to pull the weight during those hahaha but no matter! We are both trying our hardest which is all that counts! And I’ll explain what these investigators are because I wasn’t sure what they were before I got here exactly! Our teachers each put on a persona of someone who they taught on their mission or somebody that they know and reflect that to us as investigators. For example we taught Hermana Willaims the other day but she was actually Luz from Los Angeles, somebody that she taught in her mission. And Hermano Dean is Martin, somebody that he taught in Argentina. So I try to take these lessons as seriously as possible because not only is it a way to test and use my spanish, but they are also “real” people in a sense, and we will meet people like them in our missions.

I have really grown a lot in these long two weeks here, and as much as I look forward to leaving this prison, I also know that these next four weeks are incredibly important in preparing me how to teach and in spanish most importantly!!

We watch mormon messages all the time, before study times, when we are bored, to end the night and what not. And I just want everybody to watch all of them! They are so amazing!! I particularly love one that we watched this week, I think it was called “Come What May.” It was about a message from Joseph B. Wirthlin and I loved a specific line. He said, “The faithful will be compensated.” I know that I am not “giving up” two years of my life, I am sacrificing them to the Lord and in turn he is going to bless me more than I will be able to comprehend. I love you all so much and look forward to hearing from all of you soon!! And write me real letters every once in a while! Haha


Elder Judd 

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