Almost One Month Down!

These letters are getting harder to write each week because we do the same exact stuff every week! Haha, but some pretty exciting stuff happened this week.

First, Elder Hainsworth got his visa on Wednesday so there’s no more anticipation for him, and we will both go straight to Mexico in 10 days!!!! That is so weird to say, it has always felt like I would never leave this place! Also, I have decided that our zone is being targeted more than usual by Satan because we are all falling apart! Last week an Elder in the district that came in a week after I did tore his ACL and they decided he was going to have to go home, so he left on Wednesday. Then another Elder from another district was having a tough time here and he went home too. So that is two Elders that had to go home, and then every other Elder in our zone is sick! I felt a little sick for a couple of days, but everybody else is half-dead.
Also, I was released as District Leader on Sunday. Nothing really changed haha, I didn’t have to go to meetings on Sunday, that was it. Something rather sad is that one of our teachers is leaving tomorrow to go teach at the Mexico MTC. We have two teachers, Hermano Dean and Hermana Williams, and Hermana Williams is the one leaving. Also another of the teachers from our zone who doesn’t have a class, Hermano Thomson, is leaving as well, and he spent a lot of time in our class, so we were bummed about that too. Overall, it was a week full of change! That is about it!
I really loved the devotionals this week. On Sunday, we heard from Vai Sikahema, an ex-football player who played at BYU when they won the national championship and he also played in the pros. He spoke about his mission experience in the South Dakota Rapid City mission (Same as Keegan), and shared a specific experience about one of his converts, and just made everybody in the MTC really excited to have a similar experience! Afterwards we watched a Elder Holland talk from last thanksgiving that he gave at the MTC. It is really cool because there are some really amazing talks from General Authorities that were given at the MTC, so they aren’t online or anything and we only get to watch them here! But this particular talk was amazing (how could it not be? It was Elder Holland). I don’t really remember what it was about because I don’t have my notes on me hahaha but everything that the speakers say makes me beyond excited for the next two years. And then on Tuesday we had a member of the presidency of the Quorum of the 70 speak to us. He talked about how we can stay connected to our purpose as missionaries. My favorite thing that he said, is that we have to remember how important this work is to our Heavenly Father. He wants each of his children to return to Him. It is His work and His glory! Just as fathers want what is best for their children, our Heavenly Father wants the same for us. The worth of a single soul is great in the eyes of God, and I know that if I can bring just one person unto Christ, then my mission will be a successful one. But I want to bring hundreds because I want to share the message of the Gospel with everyone!!!
P-days became a trillion times better last week when the temple opened back up. We were able to go again today, and it is always so amazing. I still think back to before I left, and how I never felt ready for my mission UNTIL I had gone through the temple. The blessings we receive there are real. It is for those blessings that I am serving a mission. To extend the invitation to the temple to everybody. Every person needs the temple. None of us can be saved without it! And I just want everybody to understand that!
Spanish is not fun. We started doing our best to speak ONLY Español this week. While I can tell that my Spanish has gotten significantly better since last week, I have also become more frustrated and angry with it! Haha. However I know that it would be better to be frustrated and angry here than for the rest of my mission. I´ll get there one day hahaha.
I love you all more than anything!!!
Elder Judd

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