Final P-Day in the MTC!!!

I can’t believe I’m finally getting out of here!! Surprisingly I feel super nervous though! I feel really similar to how I felt leaving home and coming to the MTC, just without the homesickness part, only the nervousness and excitedness (I know that isn’t a word)!! So this week was pretty eventful, and flew by actually!!

So last Friday after I emailed, Elder Hainsworth and I got our travel plans for Mexico!!! Our flight path doesn’t make sense because we are going to Atlanta from Salt Lake, then to Mexico City, then to Merida, so it is a weird zig zag that will take a long time but I am still just excited!!! I leave on Sunday night, so Mom and Dad, I’m actually calling on Monday morning, not Tuesday morning like I had thought. It is sad that we have to say goodbye to our district because I’ve really enjoyed the last five and a half weeks with them, but I am excited to get to Mexico and truly learn the Spanish I’ll be speaking for the next two years.
So just a quick update on my district, Elder Sioka (the one from American Samoa), had surgery on Monday for his sinuses so he has to stay here an extra three weeks but that is way better than having to go home because he never would’ve had the surgery and wouldn’t have gotten better in American Samoa. But everybody besides him also got their travel plans/reassignments in the last week. Elder Rasmussen is also going to Mexico but he is alone in his travel group and leaves Monday afternoon. Elder Seegmiller is the only one who got his visa to Spain so he leaves for Spain on Monday, but Elder Pisciotta and Lionetti (also assigned to Barcelona) got reassigned to California Long Beach and San Fernando, which is funny because Elder Lionetti is going like an hour away from where he lives. I feel kind of bad though haha
Tuesday night’s devotional we had Neil L. Andersen from the Quorum of the Twelve speak to us, it was another conference that was broadcasted to all of the MTCs. We are three for three in the last three weeks with General Authorities! Which is even better because the last district that left before us didn’t get to see any! He talked about Love and Sacrifice, and how “we sacrifice for the things we love and love the things we sacrifice for.” It is so awesome to hear from a member of the Quorum of the Twelve. Their words have so much more meaning for me now, especially as a missionary during a talk pointed at missionaries. Also that night, at the end of the devotional they said that we couldn’t leave because it was raining, and there was a ton of lightning and thunder so we stayed for half an hour singing hymns and Elder Andersen walked around shaking hands! I was too far in the middle of a row to shake his hand but I was close! haha
Wednesday was pretty cool as well. Our district got asked to host the new missionaries reporting that day, so I just hung out with Elder Hutchings and showed new missionaries around!! It was super sad though because we had to hangout at the drop off places and take the missionaries from their families! I felt like I was ripping them away! At least some of them haha. It was just sad to relive the goodbyes I had via these new missionaries! hahaha. And then also that night, Elder Hainsworth and I were asked to demonstrate this “How To Begin Teaching” which all the new missionaries go to. Basically we just taught an investigator for 10 minutes in front of the new missionaries until they took over for us. Because we were helping out new missionaries Wednesday went by really quickly!
Thursday was our in-field orientation, where they just taught us everything that we hadn’t spent time on in the classroom these last 5 weeks. Stuff like how to work with members, goal-setting and planning, and exercising faith, etc. It was really good but it just took alllllll day. Literally from 7 in the morning until 5:30 at night we were at this orientation.
And finally this morning we went to the temple for the last time here in Provo, I got a haircut, and then I have one more day of class before I leave for Mexico!! Sunday is Fast Sunday unfortunately, which means that I’m going to be starving on my way to Mexico because dinner on fast sundays is a madhouse.
I am super excited to move on from the MTC! I’ve been out for over a month now, and can’t believe it! At this point in my mission I’m hoping that the next few months just fly by but I am sure that in two years I’ll be wishing I could do it again! I don’t know how ready I am for Mexico, and am scared that I’m going to get lost on my transfer to Merida because it is going to be in Mexico, and for the adjustment period when I get there. I’m really glad for the MTC though, for one thing in particular. Spencer, Josh, and Tony didn’t have it I don’t believe, but the progressing investigators that they do here are super helpful. I know they aren’t real people, but I feel as though I’ve already taught people, so when I go to knock on my first door in Mexico it won’t be that bad!! haha
I love you all! The next time I’ll write I will be in Mexico!! Whooohoooo!
Elder Judd

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