Ahh where to begin!!!

DSCF0550So Im officially in Mexico!! And boy does it not feel like America hahaha. I dont have very much time so I will go through my week as fast as I can. So when we left Atlanta to Mexico City I was scared… And when we got to Mexico City I was flipping out!!! We went the wrong way and almost missed our flight and didnt get our bags onto our plane but it all worked out!! When we landed in Merida the APs and Hermana Garcia was there to welcome us, but President wasnt there because there was another group of missionaries that came from the Mexico MTC. So the only incoming missionaries that couldnt speak Spanish already were my companion and I! We ate at the misión office and we all met with the president, had a district meeting, and just got ready for the night. Pretty boring. BUT! We sleep in hammocks in our misión!! So cool!! Hahaha
The next day we had a breakfast at the Mission home and had a Little devotional before we got assigned our trainers. Mine is Elder Haydock from Idaho! He is pretty cool and really good at Spanish which helps because I know zero! haha After that we ate some pizza, the only food Id eaten in Mexico up to that point haha, and then we headed to our área! It is called Campeche! It was a three hour bus ride from Merida south to Campeche. I just followed my companion around like a Little puppy, and I still do that! haha. It was pouring rain when we got there so I was soaked by the time we got to our apartment which is pretty nice in terms of Mexican houses. Ill send pictures if I have time!
My first day of tracting was pretty interesting! I literally understand like 2.7% of what people say! Elder Haydock does all of the talking haha. It is what it is! I cant believe that every Gringo has gone through what Im going through right now! I cant imagine how Elder Hainsworth is feeling, he got a native Mexican companion hahaha.
So Elder Haydock had been in this área (Santa Lucia 2) for 3 days before he got called as a trainer, so we dont know anything about it. We get lost all the time and spend a lot of time walking around and taking scary buses. There are tons of hills here so that makes walking a pain, but my shoes are holding up good so far!
So here they emphasize lunch more than dinner, so members feed us lunch every day, and the food has all been really good! Nothing too crazy or gross! Just chicken and what not!
I dont have a lot of time because I had to read 50 emails from this last week (sorry I know Im just so popular), but I look forward to hearing from everybody! I promise that I am doing well! The área is really safe and I havent felt in danger at all! I know Im going to learn the language eventually, and hope that is sooner than later haha. I love you all so much! Sorry if this was a lame letter!
Con amor,
Elder Judd

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