Hola from Campeche!

Hola everybody!!!
First, I am so sorry for how short last weeks letter was! I will try to do better this week!
So yeah I am in Mexico! Every day I wake up, realize how sweaty I am, and remember that I am here haha. It is definitely different than anything I am used to! So like I said, I am in Campeche, which is right on the Gulf so it is always, always, always humid. I have basically had to come to terms with the fact that I am always going to be sticky or sweating haha. My area is Santa Lucia 2, and the other missionaries in our ward, the Santa Lucia Ward, are our zone leaders Elder Barrow and Elder Campos. Our area is absolutely huge so our days totally differ from each other depending on which side of the area our lessons are scheduled on. My feet are absolutely killing me haha. Aside from the language that has been the hardest thing! I hope the blisters and tired legs go away eventually! We also have to take a lot of buses to get around. They are so fun! I am always scared that I’m going to lose my companion because it is such a mad house but everything works out fine! I always find myself worrying about not being able to get around after I’m done training and Elder Haydock leaves so I spend a lot of time paying attention to where we are going and I feel like I’ve got a relatively good idea of where things are in my area! But Campeche in general is just really hectic! There are street names which hardly anybody knows and then people never even know there addresses! Everybody just knows where everybody lives I guess! Our bishop is really awesome and goes out with us like once a week and he shows us around! If you want to get an idea of where I live, on google maps look up Campeche and our cross streets are Obregon and Cuauhtemoc. Our house has a green gate and it faces this green wall that says something like “Provi” or something haha
Spanish is still really difficult. I feel like I can catch more words than last week, but I have no idea where a conversation is at or what exactly people are saying. Especially when there is more than one Mexican talking. Like yesterday during ward council there were 15 Mexicans all talking and I didnt understand anything haha. I really really look forward to being able to speak spanish though. When this becomes less of “being stuck in Mexico” and more of “Living in Mexico, being half Mexican and speaking spanish” than I think that the days here will be a lot more rewarding haha.
I mentioned it last letter, but in this mission we all sleep in hammocks! It is a cultural thing, and everybody and their mother has them. It is really rare to sleep in a bed because it would be too hot (even though Mexicans here dont sweat because they must not have sweat glands!!!). The food has been fine so far! Nothing has blown me away yet, and I’ve been able to eat everything haha. It was kind of disturbing though, a lady brought out a straight fish head that was bigger than mine, and it had these gnarly teeth, but fortunately I was given other half! haha And than that night as well we had a ward party because today is Independence Day and there was straight up pig face, not even pork, just the fatty pig cheek, in the posole. But whatever!
So I should be getting my first baptism this week!!!! There is this guy Antonio who is dating a less active memer Angeles, and he already had a baptism date before I got here but he wasn’t ready but now I get to baptize him! It is a mission rule that you can only baptize (actually be the person to perform the baptism) for your first baptism which is unfortunate but whatever!
Also there is this famiy that I am in love with, even though I can’t understand them haha. It is David Flores and his wife Sylvia and then they have three adorable little kids. They live in the poorest conditions I’ve ever been in but they have more love for each other than any family here! Anyways they are all so ready to join the church, and especially David is just 100% converted to the gospel, but the only thing holding them back is that they aren’t married. It is a real inconvenience for people to get married here because before hearing the gospel, all it is is a waste of money and a piece of paper. Anyways our last lesson with them which was 2 days ago, we were in their shack, and reading from the light of one little candle and our cellphone light, and although I couldn’t understand more than 10% of the conversation, the spirit just testified to me that this gospel is true. I’ve never had a doubt, but it was in the face of David and his family that I could see the light of Christ shine unlike I’ve ever seen before. I am so blessed in so many ways. The immediate thing I think of as I’m sitting in this little Ciber that smells horrible are the temporal things. America is just awesome. Nobody ever take it for granted. But I’ve realized more and more how blessed I am spiritually. There is a peace that comes from knowing that we have a Heavenly Father who loves us SOOO much that He sent his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to pave the way back to him for all of us. I have the knowledge of A) that my family can be together forever and B) I know how to make that happen. This gospel is unlike anything on the planet! I love it and I love my Heavenly Father!
I love you all so much! I am always praying for you! I miss you a ton, but I always have the advice of President Garcia in the back of my mind. During our interview the first day here he said that Elder Anderson said to him, “By leaving your family, you will have them.” And although it doesn’t make sense literally, it is totally true! I was reading in 2 Nephi this morning, and in verse 2 I believe, Lehi is talking to his son Jacob, who had been born and raised in the wilderness while they were traveling, and he says that God will “consecrate thy afflictions for thy gain” and I know that that is true! I love you all and will talk to you soon!
Elder Judd

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