Another Week Down, Another Week Closer to Learning Spanish!

BLOG0612So this week was really good! It was just really diverse which made it go by fast and it was fun! So first all of the trainers and leaders had to go to Merida for a training conference, which left only 4 missionaries in our zone. 4 brand new missionaries who were all in training! Elder Haydock and I met up with another trainer and his companion on Wednesday night and we did my first companion splits! Whoo! I was with Elder Rojas (a Mexican) from Wednesday night until Friday night and it was awesome! Right now I wish that I had a Mexican trainer haha. Elder Rojas is from Tijuana but he went to school in Mexico City at the school that the church turned into the MTC there. He speaks less English than I do Spanish (which isn’t very much) so I think that I learned a lot both with understanding and with getting my point across with the spanish that I do know. He is also just really cool so we had a lot of fun, but…. we did soooooo muchhhhh walkinggggggg. We spent one night in our area which I thought was big, but on Thursday and Friday we worked in his area which was at least twice the size of ours. The rain had already come and gone so by Thursday it was miserably hot. But the other Elders comforted me by saying that it doesn’t even compare to how hot it is going to be from March-July… haha I am glad that I don’t have to deal with the extreme heat and not knowing spanish at the same time!
We had a lot of rain this week! And also a lot of sunshine! For about two days I was soaking wet and for two days I was nice and sun burnt, however now it is gone. It is a lot nicer and cooler when it is rainy but a lot harder to get around and walk to appointments, but at the same time it is miserably hot and just depressing when the sun is out haha. So far I’ve decided I like the rain more. It is exciting when we get to a street that we have to cross but can’t because it is under a three feet deep river! It is like a game trying to find a way across haha.
Oh and I totally forgot to address the baby news last letter and I was regretting it all week! Ahh that is so exciting!!!! Nobody else can have kids until I get back though! I’m serious. I have the pictures from the family reunion that Courtney sent me and I die every time I look at the ones of Avery. I don’t want to call you on Christmas and see a different little girl! I miss you all so much and think about you probably more than I should! But don’t worry I am focused!
So I was able to experience my first baptism this week!!!!!!! I will send the pictures if I get a chance but it was such an awesome experience! I forget if I already told you about Antonio, but it was just a really cool experience to see him get ready for baptism and BAM get dunked! He was the first person I had ever baptized and possibly the last while Im out here which is bittersweet. The font in our chapel is super super small and he is about the same height as me (tall for a Mexican) so it was difficult but we managed to do it perfectly the first time through! I was really scared I wasnt going to remember the baptismal prayer in Spanish or that I would mispronounce his name or something haha.
Lastly there is this other investigator who is really awesome. His name is Cesar, and he has talked with a couple of other missionaries but he said every time he did, after one lesson they would get transferred away and he was forgotten about. So when we first met him it was that he saw us walking in the street and kinda yelled at us for disappearing haha. So he is a teacher, and is super smart, so our first lesson was a little different than normal. We asked what he knew already and what he expected, and it turns out he had already read the pamphlet the other missionaries had given him, and had his doubts already for us, and his questions. Basically just did all of the hard work for us! We were able to expel a lot of his doubts about Joseph Smith which he had heard from other people or from other churches. A funny point, his mom is a Jehovah’s witness and we have our lessons with him at her house so our first lesson we had to basically hide on the patio and whisper (making it that much harder to understand…) and we can only have lessons with him when his mom is at her church services haha. But our last lesson with him was right before the baptism, and we mentioned that and he invited himself to it! haha He said that he wanted to see how it worked in case it was ever his turn one day! He is just really awesome and it looks like all this talk of people being prepared is actually true!
Every day my testimony is strengthened of this church! I love the scriptures. I have found a new meaning in the phrase feasting on the words of Christ. I promise that there are answers to all questions in the Book of Mormon. I’ve been able to feel the spirit of the scriptures now more than ever, and I testify that they are true. I was reading in the end of second Nephi this morning where Nephi is about to end his records, and he says in verse 6 of Chapter 33 he says, ¨I glory in plainness. I glory in truth. I glory in my Jesus, for he hath redeemed my soul from hell.¨ I love this church with all of my heart and I love all of you! Have a good week! I will be praying for all of you!
Con amor,
Elder Judd

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