A Breakthrough Week!

DSCF0637I say “A” breakthrough week because I don’t think it was THE breakthrough week but I learned a lot this week! So this week went by really, really slowly because on Tuesday and Wednesday we had a zone-wide training meeting for 10 hours both days. It was about the fundamental 8 principals of Preach My Gospel and I think that I learned a lot! Most importantly I became a little more comfortable with my Spanish in a teaching scenario! I still can’t talk to just anyone though haha, not even close.

So after that training, I really tried to make a bigger impact in every lesson this week and I think I did that! If I felt something, or an idea popped into my head, I always said it! Whoo! haha
I don’t have very much time to talk because we have a last second training meeting again today about Family History so I am sorry I know this letter is going to be really short!
So one cool experience this week was with the really poor family that I mentioned earlier. David, Sylvia and their three kids were living in a little shack without electricity but this week something happened (Im not entirely sure what, I believe it is something along the lines of workers comp) and David got paid and they moved into a wayyyyy better house. I say better, and it is, but it still doesn’t compare to anything back in the states haha. But it was so cool to see them realize their blessings because it was such a big one! And what is keeping them back from getting baptized is that they aren’t married, but our ward is taking care of that and this friday they are going to get married! And then baptized!! whoo!! We have 5 baptisms planned for October 12th! And the other elders in our ward have 3! It will be an awesome day!!!
Well I have zero time but I just want to tell you all how much I love you! I pray and hope that all is well! I know that this gospel is true! Every single second of every day I just realize that more and more. I love being a missionary. I love being able to hand people a Book of Mormon, and promise them that this book is true, that it is important, and that it can change their lives. I love the Book of Mormon so much and I recommend that nobody takes it for granted like I did before my mission! I love you all and hope I have more time to talk next week!!
Elder Judd

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