Whooo! What a week!

Gosh what a rollercoaster of a week. Thankfully I am at the end of the ride and it definitely had its ups and downs. Let me just start with how humbled I was this week. The Lord definitely knows where he can hit us to humble us, and this week I feel like I was pretty humbled at the beginning of the week. Everything just wasn’t going well. Don’t worry (MOM), I am fine now and I wouldn’t be saying any of this if the week didn’t end so wonderfully! So there was that poor start to the week, and then on Tuesday night I found out that Elder Haydock was getting special transferred…

An Hermana in our ward had written him a letter in his Book of Mormon on Sunday and it wasn’t anything scandalous but the assistants called Tuesday and told him he was getting transferred the next day. So I spent that night thinking of every single horrible possiblity that would go wrong. I was going to get a horrible companion who either didn’t speak spanish or spoke only Spanish, I wasn’t going to be able to find my way around the area, everything was just going to fall apart! So Wednesday morning we got the call of where and when we needed to go, and that I was going to have a Mexican companion named Elder Guerrero… We took the three hour bus ride to Merida and I took the book ¨Our Search For Happiness¨ by M. Russell Ballard. BOOM the week started to get better. WHAT AN AWESOME BOOK! I recommend that everybody, member and especially nonmembers of the Church, read it!

We got to Merida and I met Elder Guerrero who at first I didnt know what to think of him. Im about a month older than him but he has 9 months in the mission. We got back to our area and things have actually been really fine since! I am going to learn SPANISH!!! WHOOO! He is a really good missionary and isnt as overbearing as Elder Haydock so I have been able to speak and teach and do everything a lot more which is awesome!

How awesome was conference! I cant believe that I ever took it for granted before my mission… What an awesome opportunity it is to hear from prophets seers and revelators! I think that for me the most powerful talk was from Elder Eyring I think, he said ¨If you cant take away the bitter cup, just drink it and be strong¨. This mission so far has been far from a bitter cup but there are bitter times and I always tell myself to be strong!

I wish I had more time to write! Just some news, 4 of our baptisms this week didnt show up to church so we have to wait until next week for them BUT we will still have a baptism this week! Also interviews with the President are tomorrow, and Im really excited to talk with him and tell him about everything from this first month here!

I love you all so much and wish a very HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BABY BENJAMIN!!! and SAMANTHA JEAN BULGATZ as well!! I hope they were amazing! I love you all so much! Til next time!

Elder Judd


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