Almost 3 Months!

Hola mi familia! y mis amigos! There is my Español for you all!
How is everybody?! First I want to wish a happy birthday to Grandma Lucky!! I love you and wish I could be there to celebrate but Im in Campeche… kinda far!
This week was really, really good! On Tuesday night we did divisions with other elders here in Campeche because Elder Ortiz and I had to go to Merida for our immigration. He is from the Dominican Republic and I just have to say that I love Dominicans now. Haha Spencer and Dad are lucky to have gone there! We spentWednesday in his area working before we left for Merida that night and he was just super personable and, yes he already knows Spanish, but he just made every person laugh and smile! He knows quite a bit of english which was good too. But anyways we were walking that night and he said one of the most profound things for a missionary. He said, “What is our message for people? That God and Jesus Christ love them! WE ARE HIS REPRESENTATIVES! We have to be able to be a channel for that love through our eyes!” BOOOOOOOOM Such a studly missionary haha, and we arrved here the same time, just a little side note.
So Thurdsay we had immigration in Merida which was pretty boring except that I got to see Elder Hainsworth again which was so awesome! We were just laughing the entire time about how crazy our first transers were haha. I think mine was a little better than his…
So our family that was supposed to be baptized this week has been having a ton of problems with everything it seems like, and this week the mom told us that she isnt interested in getting baptized anymore… That was my first real taste of what every missionary talks about, just wanting to help someone so bad but they dont want what youre passing out. Hopefully we can keep working with her, because her husband and kids still want to get baptized!
Oh something super awesome happened the other day! So there are a tonnnnnnnn of drunks here. They always come up and scream at us for a million different things, and usually they are the only ones who stop us in the street. But the other day this old guy who wasnt drunk stopped us and tried to argue with us, and I could actually argue back! I know, I know we arent supposed to argue and fight with people but I was defending myself and my religion! IN SPANISH!!! That is why the story is cool hahaha.
I am doing really well! I miss you all and love you all! Pray for my Español! I will send pictures if they upload! Janky Cibers…
Elder Judd

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