Mi Familia!!

Hola de Campeche!

So another week down! This one was super duper awesome! I cant remember it chronologically so I will just write what comes to mind!

So on Friday night we had a talent show in our ward (which if I havent mentioned yet is awesome), and we invited a bunch of investigators but unfortunately not too many came… BUT two of them participated so that was cool! The other elders in our ward sung a song, different people did different dances and what not, these two guys did this hip hop song which was really cool but kinda weird because we were in the chapel… and I DID A MAGIC TRICK! haha one of the investigators we brought is a clown and he gave Elder Guerrero and I a trick to do. My trick was that I made a bird appear from this pile of confetti and all of the kids when nuts!!! I was pretty proud of myself!

Speaking of kids here… THEY ARE LITTLE DEMONS! hahaha Once they can run and scream they instantly stop becoming cute! During church is the worst because they are running around the sacrament meeting and screaming! I dont know if I am going to want kids after my mission now! (pssshhhh yeah right)

So there is this family here that were baptized in March, the Familia Moo, and they are just awesome. Hermana Jeane is like the ¨mom¨ for the missionaries here, and she feeds us like twice a week. We spent a bunch of time at their house this week because after their baptism, theyve been trying to talk to their family about the church so now we have three new investigators! It is the sister of Hermana Jeane and her two daughters who are in their mid-20s and both have kids. They are just all super awesome and they are just super easy to teach because they practically already have testimonies of the Book of Mormon! One of the daughters, Hermana Suri, found and started reading the Book of Mormon before we even met her!

Another story about Hermana Jeane… So last P-Day we went to get our haircuts there and Elder Guerrero was first, and she did his fine, with it longer on top so that he could comb it over. And after him She did mine but she didnt understand that I wanted it the same and buzzed it all off! So I am bald again! Whoo! haha

So I am finally super comfortable here in Santa Lucia! I feel like I know the members really well, the area, and Spanish is finally coming! I am really starting to just love the mission! I love you all so much and miss you too! I love hearing from everybody! Congrats to Blake and good luck! Jake and Cole are looking super studly in those pictures you sent Mom! I love you all more than I ever thought was possible!

Elder Judd


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