Rain, Rain, Go Away



So as the subject says, this week was a rainy one! I said in my last letter that it had rained the most since I had gotten here but I was a little premature in saying that! ThatMonday after I had finished writing and all that stuff, we went to the Stake center to play futbol like we do every Monday, and after about 5 minutes of playing it started to sprinkle. And then in seconds it was like a hurricane!! It was amazing haha. Not only was it epic because it was in the middle of a hurricane but also I am getting a lot better at futbol! I am slowly but surely becoming Mexican! Whoo!

So yeah on top of that super rainy game of futbol, it has rained every day this week too! Yesterday and the day before, not much but everything has been wet and super gross all week so now I am looking forward to the heat!

Everything is going really well here in Campeche! I love the mission more and more every day. Seriously, while before I was just kinda waiting for the point that I could speak Spanish, and waiting til I was a good teacher, and waiting and waiting for all of these things to happen, this week I just had the biggest realization that HOLY COW! I only have two years to do all of this! I need to get moving! Every day I am pushing myself and trying to be the best person, missionary, and Marcus Judd the world has ever seen!

This week had its ups and downs with our investigators. There is this family that we just CANNOT get to come to church. The last two weeks weve passed by in the morning with a car to take them and every time there is something different.  All they need is one more week before they can get baptized too! Ahh! BUT In January our ward changes and starts at 12! Whoo! Right now we start at 8:30.

So that was a some of the ´downs´ but there were ups too! We are teaching these three investigators whose family are recent converts, I think Ive mentioned them before. And the lessons have been going really well but yesterday we met with all three of them and talked about the Book of Mormon. One of them, Hermana Nayela, went on to describe how since weve started teaching her she has felt these desires that she cant explain to just be a better person! Desires to read the Book of Mormon, to pray, to be nicer, things like that. Things that she wouldnt do normally before. And all it took was for us to explain that that is the Spirit working in her life! Something I realized this week when I said it (which happens all the time, I will say something super profound that I hadnt thought of before and impress myself #HolyGhost haha), and it was that when we invite the spirit into our lives, we are better people. When she invited us missionaries into her house to talk and read and pray with her, she invited the spirit into her house to work and better herself and her life. It was a big testimony builder for me to hear her say that because it was a picture perfect scenario about explaining the Spirit! In that lesson Nayela, Suri, and Jose Luis (the investigators) all said that theyd received an answer about the Book of Mormon! Whoo!!!!!

I absolutely love being a missionary. It is awesome to be a part of this work, and to see first hand the changes people make in their lives. I will be like Candace for a sec and share a quote that I have thought about this week from President Uchtdorf:

Our daily walk with Jesus Christ leads to peace and purpose in this life and profound joy and eternal salvation in the world to come.

I love this quote because it truly is our DAILY WALK with Jesus Christ, those decisions we make every day, those things we change every day that define who we are and the life we have and will have. I love this gospel and this church! I love my mission! I love all of you! THE CHURCH IS TRUE!

I hope you all have a good week! Because I know I will! Love you all!

Elder Judd


Also I forgot to mention that this week is CAMBIOS!! And I am finishing my training so there a million possibilities about what could happen! The next time I write I could be training somebody new, or in a new area, I dont know! Im excited to see what happens but I really want to stay here in Campeche! And I doubt that I will train because Elder Guerrero is the District leader and the only other elders in our district are the zone leaders so it is extremely unlikely that I will train because then I would have to be district leader too…


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