Goodbye Campeche, Hello being a Senior Companion?!

HOLA! Como están mis amigos y familia?! Yo, estoy un pocito perdido ahorra! So today was transfers, and to my surprise I am NOT in Campeche right now, I am in Izamal! We were with a family of recent converts and a couple of investigators last night, investigators that I actually found and had been teaching, when we got the call and it was actually really sad. I feel like I didnt do everything I wanted to in Santa Lucia 2 but the Lord knows better than me! So yeah I woke up nice and early at 4:30 this morning and got into Mérida at around 9 where I met up with my new companion Elder Cornejo. He arrived the same day as me here in México but I have 4 more weeks than him because he is Mexican and was in the Mexico MTC, but yeah I am the Senior Companion now! I dont know what I am doing!!! I feel like I would be fine in the area that I know and am familiar with but I feel super lost! And Elder Cornejo is pretty quiet and timid so I feel like I am going to be doing a lot of growing this transfer… Izamal is about an hour and a half away from Merida, and I think it is the farthest east area in our mission before it becomes the Cancun mission. Look up pictures or on GoogleEarth because it is really cool! All of the buildings in Centro are yellow haha, I will send pictures when I have actually taken some! All I have done today is sat in buses and unpacked. It was really weird to leave Campeche, I really, really loved it there, especially the members and my investigators. I am going to miss them a ton and wish I could be there for their baptisms, but I have other things to do here in Izamal!

So that is kinda the biggest news I have this week! Although on Wednesday we had a last minute zone conference with President Garcia which was really awesome. He is super, super awesome and knows his stuff! He really just focused on making sure that each of us know that we are literally sent from God, through his prophet, to talk and teach the people here. I have used that phrase with everybody I have talked to since haha. ¨Somos enviados de Dios para compartir esta mensaje con usted.¨ Que potente, no?!

Yesterday was my cumplimes! A whopping 4 months!!! Looking back it has gone by super fast and I cant believe how much I have learned and grown. Missions are awesome!!!

One really quick story from this last week, on Saturday we had a lesson with three of our investigators that I have mentioned before, Hermana Nayela and Suri and their mom Adelayda. Each of them has recognized the spirit in their lives since theyve started listening to us, and I believe each of them had a testimony of the Book of Mormon. ButSaturday night we watched the Joseph Smith movie with them, and holy cow I love that movie… It is an immediate invitation to the Spirit! For me, I become more and more sure that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that he saw God the Father and Jesus Christ, and that he restored the Church of Christ, every time that I watch it. And I was wondering how our investigators would react to it. After the movie we sat for a little bit and let them think, and when we started to talk about it, the Spirit was the strongest Ive felt since I left, and it was just testifying to everybody there that those events in the movie actually happened, and that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. Before we left each of them had given a little testimony that they believed the same. It was amazing and I am realizing now as I am writing that it is sad I wont be there to see their baptisms!

So this week the biggest spiritual experience for me was that, and just how grateful I am for the chance I have had to go to all of those church history sites. I remember our family trip back east, all of us in our van and sleeping in the trailer! Hahaha good times! And then again on the Church History Tour. I actually shared my experience that night about when we were in the sacred grove on the CHT and I read the letters that Mom and Dad had written with their testimonies, and how amazing that experience was. I know without a doubt that Joseph Smith is the prophet of the Restoration. I love teaching the Restoration because it is the most important thing that anybody could know about! That the Church that Jesus Christ himself established and led, is once again on the Earth! WHAT?! How amazing is that message?!

Well I invite everybody to watch the Joseph Smith movie this week, just because it was awesome. Also look up pictures of Izamal so you can understand where I am going to be for the next at least 6 weeks! I love you all and love reading that everybody is doing well! Have a good week everybody!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Judd


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