Ay, Ay, Ay

Phewwwww ugh I don’t even know where to start with this letter. First, this week was loooooooonnnnnnggggg haha. Today was a well deserved P Day. So as I mentioned I am no longer in Campeche and am in the wonderful state of Yucatan in the awesome city of Izamal! Izamal really is awesome. There are like 5 or 6 pyramids just in the middle of the city! And there is a huge convent that is really pretty too. The city (or at least central part) is all painted yellow so it is really cool looking (but be careful not to brush your arm against the walls or your sleeve becomes yellow too haha). Izamal is really different than Campeche, it is a lot calmer and smaller too. Look up pictures of the convent and pyramids here! We live like 3 minutes from the biggest pyramid so its cool to walk past it every day!

So this week was a trying one… Not only was I in an area that I didnt know… But Elder Cornejo is… interesting… He basically didnt pay attention to anything during his training (we have the same time in the mission field) and knows nothing about the area. Up to now, I know more about the area than him in 1 week and he has had 13 here. He is from the state of Mexico and knows like 0 english. But the language isnt even a problem anymore, its just that his is really weird… haha Im trying not to be mean because he is my companion but it has been a long week! Just to get an idea of Elder Cornejo, Ill tell you what he told me. He graduated from high school the same time as I did, and he spent the last year in front of the TV watching I-Carly. He misses Nickelodeon more than his family… haha He is an interesting one! But nonetheless I am trying my hardest to love him!

So yeah that kinda explains how this transfer is going to go! Although I really love the area and the members. Our ward mission leader is named Elder haha. So its the Elders and Elder when he goes out with us haha. Also there is this family, the family Ricalde, and its from them that we rent our house, and we eat there three times a week haha. They are super awesome and guess what… they are panaderos and give us pan… #fatboy #Ilovepan. Actually Ive lost weight on the mission! Whoo! And I can tell Im going to keep losing it because we walk a ton every day. The blisters are back! But they are starting to go away so thats good.

So it has been super cold here this week! Not cold in terms of Utah or Vegas but Im accustomed to the heat and there were a couple of nights this week that I was shivering walking around! But I didnt pack anything to keep warm haha, I have one sweater. I have been using the bed sheets that I brought as a blanket to keep warm when Im sleeping because we dont use beds here but it doesnt do much! I would ask to send stuff for the cold but by the time it got here it will be hot again haha.

So there isn’t very much work here… Well not there is a bunch of work, just none of it is started. There are like 2 investigators both of which arent progressing. The elder who was here with Elder Cornejo training him didnt do very much… which is funny because now he is my zone leader… hahaha Our zone is actually super small, only 8 elders and 2 sisters. My district leader is Elder Hall and him and his companion Elder Maurer are two of the secretaries. Elder Maurer was born in my area in Campeche too so we talk about how much we miss Santa Lucia 2!

Right now there is some big festival going on so there a ton of tourists here in Izamal and it makes me smile when I see white people!!! I want to go over and talk to them but I have other things to do haha. Im excited to have an area like Izamal, where I definitely will come back and visit as a tourist, and I hope to make relationships with the members and have converts to come back to visit too!

It’s also weird here, we are like an hour away from Merida so we have to travel to district meetings, whereas in Campeche I was like smack dab in the middle of the action which I liked.

I am running out of time but I just wanted to tell you all I love you! And I love this church! It is pretty different here in Mexico, but the doctrine and Evangelio of Christ is the same! It has been since the beginning of time! Ive been reading Our Search for Happiness by Elder Ballard again because he is basically giving the missionary lessons in the form of a book, and I absolutely love that book! It is seriously so amazing. I love what he says about how our eternal perspective is what makes our church and the members different. That the knowledge we have literally makes us different people (or at least it should).

I love this mission! I realize Im at a tough situation now, and I ask for your prayers, but I know too that there is only a bright future ahead! I love you all so much and wish I could have been there for Thanksgiving! I hope it was good! Mine wasnt… I ate a little stew with beans and some pork with tortillas. YUM! haha I hadnt even realized it was thanksgiving until that night. So yeah, first week down in Izamal! Whoo! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

Elder Judd

p.s. I am sending pictures from the last little bit in Campeche and from the first week here. There are some of the most amazing rainbow Ive ever seen haha. It was a double rainbow! haha


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