¡¡Soy un Izamaleño!!

¡Hola! Hermanos y hermanas en la fe! haha I love hearing from everybody about how their weeks went, and this week seemed like a good one back home! Christmas time is here! WHOO!!
So this week was pretty good here too! Not too exciting but I feel like I made a lot of progress personally! First is with Elder Cornejo haha. Ive had to lay down the law a couple of times, but now everything is moving smoothly. He is a good kid haha, and my goal is to make him into a good missionary haha. At the same time I have learned a lot about being a missionary, much less a senior companion. When things dont go our way, its my job to fix them, or when every cita has fallen through, I have to think of something to do! Its a tough responsibility especially when I don’t know the area very well but Ive learned to rely on the Lord that much more!

So Izamal is really awesome. Something Ive really come to appreciate, coming from Las Vegas and then from Campeche, is the stars here. Every night when we are walking around I just look up at the stars. Occasionally I have almost tripped, but totally worth it haha. For me, the universe, the stars, the galaxies all just tell me that there is a God. That there is somebody behind all of it! And that leads me into my next story haha

There is this guy named Tiburcio, who has been an ´investigator´ for years now. He used to rent out a house to the missionaries so he has known a lot of them. BUT he doesnt believe in God. When Elder Cornejo told me there was someone that didnt believe in God I had to go and meet him! How can anybody look at this life, look at EVERYTHING and say there isnt a God! But surely enough we went and he doesn’t believe in God! It was super sad to try my hardest to testify and tell him that there is a God, and that he loves you, but without the slightest reaction that I could see. I KNOW that there is a God, and I know that he loves all of us! For me, this knowledge is priceless.

Also, this week I was reading in a Liahona from a couple of years ago, and I was reading this article about a tour guide in a national park in Taiwan. And how everybody that visits just wants to go straight to the highest peak. He related this to how in life, in anything, we always just want to get to the highest and best point as fast as possible. But what are we missing when we just rush to the top? We are missing all of the beauty! In this national park for example, the tour guide said that after years and years in the same place, he has come to appreciate and realize that the true beauty is in the valleys and low points. I love this quote from the article, ´We cannot rise up out of the world to reach our highest potential without undergoing uncomfortable, sometimes painful, experiences.´ THAT IS SO TRUE. In every aspect of life we can always look back and appreciate the tough times, because a) we recognize that where we are at now is a whole lot better than where we were and that b) we are stronger than we think and can withstand a lot. That is how I have come to think after the last 2 weeks here in Izamal, but I know it’s true for everything too!

Well I am doing really well! I hope all of you are too! I hope everybody is as excited for Christmas as I am! WHOOOOOOOOO!!! I love you all so much and I look forward to hearing how this week went! Sorry this letter is a little short! haha LOVE YOU ALL!

Elder Judd


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