Merry Christmas! And happy 5 months to me!!!

DSCF1195[1]  MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE EVERYBODY! I hope that the Christmas season has been amazing for everybody up until now! Mine has been really good, nothing too special but good! Ill explain later why I am writing today and not yesterday!

So I want to say that this week went by really slowly, but now that I am here it doesn’t really feel that way… Mission time is way different than real world time… So yeah this week has been really good! First and foremost was that WE HAD A BAPTISM THIS WEEK! WHOOOO! Hermana Lupita is the wife of a less active member named Carlos. She has had like 8 different missionaries teach her but I came to finish the job! haha When I got here she was really unexcited and didn’t want to get baptized anymore but Elder Judd and Cornejo to the rescue, everything worked out! Elder Cornejo and I are actually both older than her and her husband which is weird because they’ve got a 1 year old kid but hey… it’s Mexico… So yeah her baptism was on Sunday after church because her husband works late every night of the week and it was just an amazing way to finish off the week!

Oh before that happened, we did divisions with our district leader and I stayed here and Elder Hall came from Merida. It was super fun because I got to speak english for a couple of days! We went to Merida on Wednesday night and Cornejo went with Elder Maurer and Elder Hall and I went back to Izamal. We worked all day Thursday and went back to Merida Friday, and the entire time was pure english! It felt so good! hahaha I cant imagine how much english I am going to forget if I keep having latino companions! Elder Hall is one of the secretaries and he was just telling me how badly it sucks to be there haha, so I hope that I don’t have to spend any time as a secretary!

Oh and even before that, on Monday we got stranded in Merida after District Meeting because one of the busses didn’t even stop for us and the last one was full so we slept at our zone leaders house that night. Elder Hauser is one of them, and it turns out he went to BYU too (one of the whopping 3 in the mission) and we just talked about how awesome BYU is. I absolutely loved my first year there and totally recommend going to a year of college before the mission (Jake and Cole…) haha. It turns out he lived right across the hall from James Miller and Brandon King so we have some mutual friends.

And lastly, the reason why I am writing today instead of yesterday is because yesterday we had a huge PARTY!!!! Haha the entire mission came to Merida and we had a devocional/party/lunch/gift exchange and it was awesome! Hermana and President Garcia are so awesome! I heard that last year they didnt do anything for Christmas so I am glad that President Garcia has a heart so we could feel a little bit of Holiday Cheer! haha So every zone sang a song and 2 people gave a spiritual thought about something and I was told Saturday night that I had to say something in front of the whole mission, and so I did haha. And then one of the members of the mission presidency and his family gave this concert because they are all like professional singers and it was amazing too. After that we ate and had a little talent show and then switched gifts. I had to get a gift for Elder Cervantes who is actually the new kid of Elder Guerrero so my step brother! Haha and he bought me peanut butter and chocolate (I know weird… haha he heard I liked Reeses). But overall it was just really awesome to be together all 130 of the missionaries. I got to see everyone from Campeche and Elder Hainsworth which was awesome too haha


DSCF3030[1]So that is pretty much my week! Nothing too big and crazy for Christmas but nonetheless I cant say that any other year has been more Christ-centered! I love being a missionary even though the price might seem pretty high. It definitely seems high right now as I am missing out on this time with all of my family, but I know without a doubt that I am supposed to be here in Mexico! Something I said yesterday to all the missionaries, is that I promise each of us are going to return home and be with our families again, but what we are doing here is getting ready and prepared to return to our celestial family, and inviting our brothers and sisters to be there with us. I love you all so much and can’t wait to SEE ALL OF YOUR PRETTY FACES TOMORROW!!! Ive already told a couple of you but I am going to call around 11 o clock in Yucatan time, so if you have to convert that do it! I love you all so much and I wish you a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


Elder Judd
DSCF3023[1]P.S. So today I hit 5 months in a mission and that combined with Christmas, I couldn’t wait any longer to open the christmas package! I know, I am weak! haha I was seriously so happy when I opened it! Especially that little book that you sent Mom, did you make that and did all of them get one too? That was amazing!

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