¡¡¡Happy NEW YEARS!!!

So yeah HAPPY NEW YEARS! The next time I write we will be in 2014! How crazy! 2013 was awesome and will be hard to beat.

This week was good/weird. With all of the holiday stuff our schedule has been way off so the last couple of days that have been normal felt good.

First, Christmas was good! A little anticlimatic after I got to skype, but still good! I think thats just Mexico in general. All of December is a huge party and by the time Christmas comes around everybody is exhausted haha. I cant even put into words how amazing it was to see you all! Just a phone call would have been lame! haha It was really the highlight of my holiday season this year! Especially that I could see Candace for a little bit! My family is perfect and I brag about you guys all the time down here in Mexico!

Oh something funny that happened, on Thursday we went out to get our laundry in the morning because with the weird holiday schedule we ran out of white shirts, and as we were walking back this car stopped next to us and they started speaking English which threw me off! It was an Elder that served here like 2 years ago and was visiting with his parents… and also came back to bring his future wife back to the states with him! hahahaha I learned this week that this is called, having to go back because you forgot your Book of Mormon. You might know that but I didn’t until this week and I thought that phrase is hilarious haha.

So our house here is pretty far from centro, so its not super janky or ghetto or anything but it isn’t like anywhere Ive lived before haha. Our neighbors have a bunch of goats so it always smells weird, and its more or less like a farm out there. And I dont know why, but recently there have been a ton of cats hanging out at our house too. So every night these stupid cats mowing and goats hitting the side of our house keep me up haha. Im definitely more of a city boy, not a country boy haha.

There is this less active here named Ignacio, who was a convert of the Elder that was here right before me and his companion before Elder Cornejo, that really soon after his baptism decided he didn’t want anything to do with the church anymore (sadly that is really common here…), and we’ve been visiting him since I got here and he always says he’s going to come to church but never does, just a classic less active haha. But this week, Elder Cornejo and I were planning at the end of the day when we heard somebody calling out “Elderes!”. It was Ignacio at our front gates. He rode his bike out to the Bosques (forest) to tell us that he had had a change of heart, and that he was ready to become dedicated and that he had been reading a Liahona that I gave him, and that he wanted to serve a mission, just about every good thing a less active could say to you. It caught both Elder Cornejo and I by surprise but sure enough, he came to church this week, has shown up for multiple appointments we’ve had, one even though it was raining (the ultimate excuse not to go to church or show up for an appointment haha)!!!

Lastly, in Gospel Principles yesterday, we finished the book with the final chapter of Exaltation. I love this subject. Obviously its something we avoid with investigators, but it is the most amazing thing to me. Joseph Smith spoke a lot about the importance of knowing and understanding the nature of God, and I am beyond grateful that we have prophets that have revealed again and made clear just what exactly is the purpose of our existence here on the earth. I know without a doubt that this church truly is the way back to God.

Well after Christmas this week was pretty uneventful so sorry if this letter is boring! I love you all so much and hope everybody has a safe and amazing New Years! This is the last week of the transfer so I might not be in Izamal next week, or could have a new companion! Not sure! We will see what happens! LOVE YOU ALL

Elder Judd


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