Soooo Im struggling to pull out the good things that happened this week to say to you all… Im just going to start from the beginning haha!

Well Monday I spent the night at my old zone leaders house in Lakin, Elder Hauser and Michaud and we worked with them that night. It was super fun and I was sad to have to leave them to go all the way to Campeche, but whatever!

Tuesday we hung out at the offices until the new missionaries were all ready and we went to the stake center in centro and got assigned our kids! ITS A BOY! My companion is named Elder Winger, hes from Magna Utah. He is just a classic white boy from Utah haha, honestly he is just a good kid. A little boring, but his heart is in the right place! haha. Then we headed to Campeche (with my luggage, his luggage, and a ton of materials because we are opening an area so it was super hard to move everything). We got in pretty late so we slept there with some Elders, and headed to Escarcega in the morning. We got to Escarcega at like 9 with all of our stuff, and headed to the house that the other elders already have.

And now comes the good stuff… When we got to the house we called the guy who they had been arranging to rent our new house from, but it had been like a week since they had talked with him, so when we called, he told us that the house they were looking at had already been rented out. SOOOO we spent all day Wednesday looking for a new house. When we finally found one, it was super ugly and dirty but we were in a hurry so we arranged to meet the landlords in the morning and visited a couple of the members here to try and get to know the area.

Thursday morning we went and met the landlords in the morning and moved all of our stuff over there, and spent the majority of the day cleaning before we went out at night to visit some investigators. I hated not being able to work like a missionary, but it was super sweet to talk business with people! I felt like a Mexican businessman talking with landlords all day! haha

Friday we had interviews with President in Campeche in the morning, so we woke up at like 5 to get to the bus and to Campeche. It was super awesome to talk with President Garcia. He is so awesome. Escarcega is like the stereotypical armpit of the mission just because it is so far away from everybody else, but after talking with President, he just told me that I am there to learn how to be leader, for the rest of the mission, and for the rest of my life, when I get married, have a family, am a bishop, stake president, and eventually general authority haha. President Garcia might be crazy! After the interviews we got back to Escarcega at like 3, and we had to finish cleaning our house after we ate, so thats what we did until an appointment that we had (keep in mind how much cleaning and time we put into this house, the story gets better…).

Saturday we went to Campeche AGAIN, for stake conference and didn’t get to work all day, but the conference was absolutely amazing. President Garcia and his wife were there and gave awesome talks, and also the Stake President here is super awesome. It was good to see all of the people I met in Campeche in my first area too.

We slept in Campeche Saturday night and had two sessions of conference Sunday morning, the first of which was absolutely full so all the missionaries just sat outside and talked haha, and the second of which was super awesome. President Garcia and Sister Garcia spoke again, and also the temple president and his wife (although he kinda put me to sleep haha) but they made me miss the temple. I am so excited to go through after the mission! Or even better with investigators! I saw my familia Campechano at the conference and it was awesome to see them and catch up with them! They gave me a couple of Christmas presents and just told me how badly they wanted me to go back so that felt good to know that I did actually make relationships in Campeche! haha

So we left Campeche Sunday afternoon and got back at like 6, so we went to the house to drop our bags off, and when we got there we realized SOMEONE HAD BROKEN IN! Ahhh! I knew it was only a matter of time, but yeah somebody had broken in through a window in the back of our house :(… They couldnt bring a lot of stuff with them because they could only leave from the window, but they stole a couple of things. They stole my i-pod and speaker, my nikes, my companions camera and his tennis shoes and flashlight, and then our two fans, our stove, our blender, our DVD player, and a box of corn flakes hahahahahaha. All of our stuff was thrown all over the ground so I still dont know if that is all that they stole. After we called our zone leaders, the landlords, and President Garcia, we spent the night moving all of our stuff back to the other house, even our fridge… After a good 2 and a half hours of moving, we finally could relax and sit back and let what just happened sink in haha. The week that I had just spent finding, arranging, cleaning, and moving into a house was all lost and we are back at stage one! And this time without my ipod and nikes! hahahaha

So that is how my week has been! Pretty awesome right! hahaha I am worried about how Mom is going to take it, but just know that I am safe and sound and everything is okay! I didnt really have anything else to say but the truth so I figured why not! haha. The mission is awesome! Even after all this happened, I really am fine. If this is the worst the mission gets, Im not worried! I am not going to lie, this week was the hardest up until now, and please keep me in your prayers, but I am doing just fine! I hope that the next letter I send is a little better! I love you all so much! I love reading your letters so keep em coming! Have a good week!


Elder Judd

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