An Uneventful but Productive Week

So this week was about a million times better than the last haha. First off, we didnt get robbed, and second off we bought some more corn flakes so everything is back to normal! Just a lot more quiet without beautiful music and I cant go running without my Nikes. But everything is really a lot better!

DSCF3320[1]First off on Monday I gave my first district meeting as a district leader! Whoo! Haha I forgot to mention who was in my district but they are all awesome. It is me and Elder Winger and then there is Elder Ortiz and his companion Elder Alberto. They are both Dominicans and are super fun to have as a companionship even though I cant understand them when they talk to each other! Elder Ortiz and I got here at the same time so I have 4 more weeks than him on the mission because of the MTC and his companion has the exact same time but he just got here because he was waiting for his VISA in the Dominican Republic. Us 4 are in Escarcega in separate branches. And then there is Elder Mcrae and his kid Elder Adair. They are in Champoton which is about halfway inbetween Campeche and Escarcega. We switch off every week going there or them coming here for District meetings. Today we have to go to Champoton. Elder Mcrae has one more transfer than me, so like a whopping 7 months in the mission, and his kid Elder Adair is just starting too. He was actually my companion Elder Wingers companion in the MTC. Our district is super young and awesome, so I call us the Primary or “la Primaria” haha. I will send a picture!

So yeah this week was just a ton better because I could actually teach all week and have felt like a missionary again! Our numbers were like 7 times better than the last week haha. We made some good progress with the investigators that were here when I got here, and if we can get this couple named Santos and Lydia marriedon Wednesday like we plan to, we will have their baptism and their eight year old daughters baptism this saturday! I dont know them super well, but they are really awesome people. Super, super poor and humble but awesome. They have two daughters named Esperanza and Lupita. Lupita is like 4 or 5 and she has to be my favorite person I have met on the mission so far. She is too stinking adorable! Hopefully I will have photos of their baptism for you all next week!!!

We got to do divisions this week with the zone leaders and Elder Torrentera came here to Escarcega and we worked together. It was super awesome and he is a super studly missionary. I love doing divisions because you get to see how everybody else works, acts, teaches and you can take the good things from them, and try to help them with the bad things. That is definitely one thing I have learned or gotten better with on the mission is taking advice and applying it to try and be better!

President Garcia has been super worried about Escarcega since he got here because there hasn’t been very much work here for the last year or so, and in his letter to me he gave me some awesome advice about how if we were bad missionaries, nothing would have happened this last week. And that it is because we arent bad missionaries that Satan threw everything hes got at us last week! It is really cool too because he is really up to date with what is happening here so he calls me like every 3 or 4 days to see how we are doing, and I finally have that more than just seeing him once a month relationship with him! He knows my name now! hahaha

This week was really good to just relax and get our feet on the ground again, and we were also able to do a lot of really good work. Also another highlight is that we missed lunch on Saturday because we were coming back from Campeche after divisions so we ate at a taqueria. I love tacos.

So yeah I am doing really well! Back to loving mission life! My companion is doing well too after a tough week, and we are starting to get to know each other better which makes everything better too! I hope everybody is doing well! I love you all! Especially Grandpa! I hope that he is recovering well. I am always praying for all of you! Have a good week!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Judd

Presidente de la Primaria

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