6 Months?! Where has the time gone?!

Sooooo this week was super awesome! Super busy but that is what makes it awesome.DSCF3394[1]

One of the highlights for me (not for my companion) was that after lunch one day, my companion decided to take his orange habanero with him afterwards and decided to try and eat it afterwards and he just about almost died. For literally half an hour he looked like death (as seen in the photo I sent hahahaha). It was just funny because he had no idea what he was getting himself into! Habanero kills people! BUT I am super Mexican now and eat it all the time. No big deal. haha


DSCF3336[1]So there is this family that I mentioned last week that the elders have been working with for a couple of months now to get them married and baptized, and as I said we had plans to finally get them married this week and baptized. So here in Escarcega they ask for a million and one things to get married here, so our branch president offered to take them out to a little pueblo and marry them there. They had an appointment to do it thursday but ended up having to change to friday, and then had to change again to saturday morning so all this week I have been worried about that because we had plans for their baptism saturday night, and I was just scared something wouldnt go right. BUT everything went well and they got married saturday morning, the zone leaders came from campeche and did the interviews, and had their baptism that night! That was probably the longest day of the week because we were literally running around Escarcega talking to people, finding money for their wedding, filling out forms, cleaning the baptismal font, ahhh just super busy but when 7 o clock came around, everybody was there and ready and we were able to baptize the entire family (except for the littlest daughter Lupita). After a super busy week, that was the best way to calm down and everybody felt the spirit so strongly.


DSCF3399[1]Last week a missionary came home after his mission in Honduras and he has been helping us out a ton. He is like a taxi driver but with his tricicleta so we always see him around town and he just drives us to our appointment and teaches with us! It is awesome! haha He is really goofy though and from what he told me he was a weird missionary too but he helps us out which is awesome!


DSCF3416[1]Yesterday the stake presidency came from Campeche to Escarcega for church and one of the counselors said something that I really loved. That we should avoid being too comfortable when we are at church. That when we are uncomfortable, we are able to learn. I took that and kinda applied it more to life, and it works even better I think. The chances that I have had to learn the most have been when I am uncomfortable and have to stretch myself. For example I was pretty shy and timid before the mission, nothing crazy but I just prefered to do my thing and keep to it. But since I have gotten to Mexico I have had to stretch WAYYYY out of my comfort zone and feel like I am a way better missionary and person because of it. It has been super awesome! haha I LOVE THE MISSION!!!

Also a cool little thing I was thinking about and learned this week started from an article in the June 2013 Liahona about Prayer by Elder Kevin W. Pearson of the seventy. I love what it says about how prayer isnt so that we can just ask, ask, ask for whatever we need. It is so that we can come to terms with and eventually align our will with the will of God. That is so true. Clearly God wants what is best for us, just the things is that he knows what is best for us, better than we do. That is a lesson I am still learning but I know that it is true. I have loved truly developing a relationship with God through prayer. I dont know what I was doing before the mission in my prayers, but I truly feel closer and more aligned with what He wants for me.  Once again, I LOVE THE MISSION!!! hahaha

Soooo yeah I don’t know where the time went to write but I have got to go! I love you all! Keep writing me! Dont forget about me! Have a good week everybody!!!!!

Elder Judd

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