DSCF3423[1] (2)Chispas this week went by fast! I am absolutely exhausted but it has been super good! First off on the news I got from home, CONGRATULATIONS to Josh and Sophia!!! I hate thinking I am going to miss out on 2 little nephews, but that makes me happy to hear that little Alvin and little Jose can hangout together! haha Also that is so crazy that Candace is just about done! If my next year and a half goes as fast as hers I will be home too soon! Also that was awesome to see the little bit of Coles wrestling match! Send me more! Such a stud!!! Good luck in regionals! If you make it to state as a sophomore you might take my place as the best Judd wrestler! Bahaha who am I kidding, that will NEVER HAPPEN!!

This week really flew by. Every day we have been busy and we get back to the house every night and I am always amazed at how fast that day was! Last monday the elders from Champoton came to Escarcega and we had a little missionary sleep over which is always fun! haha And that night after district meeting we went to a members house with all 6 of us missionaries and we just blew everybodys minds. What in the world are 4 gringos and 2 dominicans doing walking around in Escarcega, Mexico? Quien sabe… haha Also I bought some new super fly Mexican shoes that I am in love with.

We did divisions this week (my first time as a district leader! Whoo!) and I went with Elder Ortiz who is one of my good friends out here. It is always so fun to be with a latino because I love speaking 100% spanish! It was funny too because the last time I did divisions with Elder Ortiz we were both in Campeche and he was leading me around his area because I still didnt know any spanish but now I was doing it as his district leader. I feel like that was 2 years ago in itself!

On Wednesday the zone leaders called me and told me we had a meeting in Campeche on Friday, so on Thursday night we took a bus to Campeche and stayed at the house of some elders there and ordered pizza and had another missionary slumber party! haha not really but I stayed with an Elder named Elder Cervantes who is my step brother in the mission, my old companion Elder Guerrero was training him in the same area I was trained at in Campeche so we talked about the people there and what not.

Friday we had our zone meeting which was good because it was the first time the zone got together since I got transferred back to Campeche. There was a sister there that was in my district when I started and she was beyond surprised that I was back, that I can speak spanish now, and in Escarcega training haha. It seems like Im not the only one who thinks it is weird! The next time I am going to have to go to Campeche will be on the fourteenth because we have our zone conference with President!

This morning we had an activity with the youth here which was super fun. I am nice and sun burnt now. Between the both branches we had like 30 people there and we played baseball and soccer and I hit the only home run! haha and then afterwards we brought out a ton of water balloons and everybody got soaked, but all of the young men were trying to grab each person individually and throw a bucket of water on them, and when they tried to get me they didnt realize that my sport of choice is just that haha. It took 7 of them to try and take me down but they did not win! I still got it! hahaha

DSCF3431[2]A really cool experience I had this week was that for the first time it was one of those 100% by the spirit answers that just came out of my mouth and it blew everybody there away. We were talking with this new investigator named Santiago who is really awesome, but he had an experience a long time ago with spirits and what not in his house and he said that every time he would pray, nothing would happen and it just got worse and worse until one day he gave up praying and gave up on God and everything stopped which left him confused and feeling like God must not be there for him or that he has no power over Satan. I honestly didnt really know how to answer him in a way that would make him feel better and restore a little of that faith he had. But what ended up coming out of my mouth is that Satan is real. He is a real force with real power. And his only purpose is that each one of us are miserable like he is. In this time in his life, Satan was tempting and trying him like he does to every one of us and that in this moment, Satan won. He pushed him to the point to where he had given up on God, so there wasnt any more of a reason to torment and tempt him. We talked about Joseph Smith and his experience before the first vision and the spirit was so strong just as an answer to this question that he had been holding onto for years. Hopefully he felt it too and we will see what happens from that!

Everything is really well! My companion and I are doing really well. He is hilarious and we just laugh all the time. We talk too much english though… ugh… whatever! haha I love you all so much! I hope everybody has a good week like I know I am going to! Dont forget about me! I love you all!


Elder Judd

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