Just another week in Escarcega…


DSCF3441[1]So this week absolutely flewwwww by. The time is going by almost too fast at this point. We are already on the last week of the transfer! It feels like just yesterday that I got here!

So Monday after I wrote we just finished up our Pday and headed out to work at 6 because we didn’t have district meeting. We went and visited some less actives and in the middle of the lesson, one of the members called me saying we had to go and visit this member named Darwin, that he wasnt doing too well. So anyways we finished up the lesson and stopped by our friend Claudio´s house and he took us over to Darwins house in his triciculo (which are awesome). When we got there his parents started to explain what was happening when he went into this demonic crazy man fit and poored the water he was drinking on his head and went nuts…. Needless to say we were a little startled, and everybody was sure that he was possesed by an evil spirit. He went off for like 4 or 5 minutes before he calmed down, sat down, and asked us to sing hymns to him… That along with when he asked us to pray for his brother that was traveling at the time (I know it doesnt make any sense, it didnt make any sense while we were there either…) convinced me he wasnt possesed or anything, and that he was just crazy. Eventually we got him calmed down enough, I gave him a blessing and we got our butts our of there because it felt unsafe to be there anymore. Since then they took him up to Campeche where he has been admitted at the hospital and we will see what they decide to do this week. It was one of the saddest and strangest experiences I have ever witnessed, and I cant even begin to imagine what my poor companion was feeling. I am at least used to Mexico by now… In his first transfer he has just about experienced it all haha.

DSCF3458[1]The rest of the week was relatively normal though. Although this week was pretty tough because NOBODY was at their houses for our appointments. We walked soooo stinking much. One of the days this week we went out to one of the little towns like an hour away from here called Libertad with our branch president and visited a family of members there. They live far away, and aren’t too active so they don’t get too much interaction with other members, so we literally just talked for like 2 hours before I could get a little spiritual message in.

Another experience really similar to that, one of the days this week we were walking and this guy stopped us to ask us where we were from (because we are two great big gringos) and we started to talk with him and he actually turned out to be really awesome and now we are teaching him. Anyways our first appointment with him went okay, he just talks A TON. I made the mistake of asking him about his work because he is ex mexican military and he went on for literally 2 hours about special assignments he went on, the mexican government and how corrupt it is, and we just sat there powerless to say anything haha. He talks really fast too, but I can understand him fine, but when I looked at my companion he was just wide eyed and had no clue what was going on. Pobrecito hahaha

DSCF3459[1]We did service for some less actives this week which was cool because we got to walk around in normal clothes (something we do so rarely that it makes me happy every time haha), and we did divisions too. Elder Alberto (another dominican) came with me and we worked in my area. It was really cool because he speaks really good english, and would talk to me in english, and I would respond in español. Everybody we passed by just looked at us like we were crazy hahaha. And on saturday after our english class we brought a cake and had a little baby party! Actually we just ate cake but it was still good!

So everything is still just going well! This is the last week of the transfer, and these transfers are going to be nuts because they are splitting the zone, puting another area in Champoton and will have to make one of the areas in my district zone leaders I am guessing so we will see what happens! I hope they put them in the new area and that I can stay here in Morelos. I have had too many areas in not enough time and just want to stay here!

I absolutely loved that video of Avery and all the pictures I got too. It blows my mind how much has changed in just 6 and a half months! It also blows my mind that this week I could have a new little nephew!!!!!!!!! SEND ME PICTURES ASAP! hahaha

DSCF3464[1]Well I hope everybody has a good week! And a good valentines day! I am going to be in Campeche for it at a zone conference which I am excited for! I love you all!

Elder Judd


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