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¡Semana Santa!

Hola, hola! How goes life in the real world?! Mission life is as good as ever! This week wasn’t the most exciting but we worked hard and that makes the time worthwhile!

So last week I told you all about our Easter activity that we had last Saturday, which was awesome but it was also really good because from that activity we found a super awesome investigator! Her name is Gabby, her and her “husband” are family of the branch president but he is super less active. Lorenzo is his name, and he hadnt been to church for like 22 years until his mom invited him to the activity and then they came to church the sunday afterwards. So we have been teaching them both this last week and she has been one of the best investigators Ive ever had! We always talk about golden investigators and how nice it would be to have one for once, and finally we do! She reads everything we leave with her and sucks it all in like a sponge. The only problem (because an investigator without problems is too good to be true) is that they arent married. We talked about this the last lesson and invited them to meditate, pray, and then get married haha so we will see if it works out!

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Fútbol, Divisiones, Entrevistas, Cumpleaños, y una Pascua Actividad!

Translation: Soccer, Divisiones, Interviews, Birthdays, and an Easter Activity!

BLOG3963[1]This last week was one of the best of my mission up to date! I mentioned last week that I was writing early because we were headed to Campeche really early, which we did. All we had time to do last week was study and write before we took a combi to Campeche. We got there at like 1 or 2 in the afternoon and we headed to the soccer field that we had rented out to play soccer. Normally we just play on the concrete “canchas” but we decided to rent an actual grass field and we played Zona Champoton vs. Zona Campeche! It was super awesome! My zone (zona champoton) killed them, and I actually had the most goals with 4! Im really not that good but managed to score four times and it blew all of the guatamalans and mexicans minds! hahaha

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Conference Weekend = Pure Awesome

DSCF3782[1]WOOOH! I love me some general conference! I didnt get to watch it in English unfortunately but it was uplifting and awesome any ways! It was pretty frustrating though because a bunch of people that had committed to come didnt! And not only investigators but less active and active members! I think I was probably the same before the mission, but how is it that a PROPHET OF GOD talking to us about what we have to do doesnt call everybodies attention?! We always worry about what we can do to get through in life or a situation, or to be successful in something, and often times we investigate and look into it on the internet and talk with people but how many times do we go to God, and not only ask him for the answer, but look for it too?! There isnt any advice or council more precious than what a Prophet can offer! I know that I personally learned a lot and received a lot of answers to how I can improve both as a missionary and as a person.

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8 Months, Making Cakes, And Doing Service!

Primero, HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY MOMMA!!! I forgot to mention that last week! I did remember on Saturday though! You can ask my companion! haha

DSCF3735[1]Well this week was super awesome for a couple of different reasons! First off it was really good working wise! We had the most lessons with members that we have had here since I got here, and the lessons were all super awesome. We found a couple of new people to teach, and one of them is super prepared! Her name is Pati, she was a reference from this kinda less active member that we visit a lot and in like half a lesson she already committed to come to church and read what we left her. We commit a lot of people to come to church but she actually came! Whoooo! That has been one of the hardest things so far, just getting people to come to church!

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Autobuses, capacitación, y Mérida

Hola familia! ¿¡Como están?! Supongo que todo este bien porque no recibí casi nada de cartas! haha My week was pretty good! Looking back I didn’t get too much done but I learned a lot and had a lot of fun!

DSCF3629[1]So on Tuesday all we had time to do was eat and then we had to take a combi (these janky little vans FULL to the brim with people) to Champoton like an hour away, and there we waited for the Elders there until they got there and we sent Elder Winger with an elder in Champoton so that Elder Mcrae and I could go to Mérida for the training meeting. We went from Champoton to Campeche where we met up with other Elders going from Campeche to Mérida for the meeting (all of the district and zone leaders went). I met Elder Garcia, another Dominican (I love Dominicans) and we spent the entire bus ride talking and laughing because he was in Izamal (my old area with the cool pyramids and what not) before I was and also Dominicans just make me laugh in the first place. After a day full of 100% traveling, we got to Mérida and the house we were staying out at like 10 so we just hung up our hammocks and passed out. We stayed with a couple of elders that I know from my training in Campeche, they were in my zone there so that was fun to talk with them.

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