7 Short Months!

DSCF3483[1]Man this week was action packed back home! Down here in Escarcega, México, it has been pretty tranquilo. Nothing too crazy happened, and it absolutely flew by. We have been super busy which is good! That still blows my mind that Candace is home! And that my little brother is a state qualifier wrestling stud! No importa what happened, now theres two years to be a state champ! And my Dad is officially an old man! No disrespect, but the big 5-0?! Where did the time go?! hahaha

Ahh where to begin. So this week we didn’t have anything too crazy happen, just walking it feels like in hindsight haha. On Tuesday we woke up early to go and play soccer in one of the little canchas that are everywhere and for the rest of the week my right leg was super sore… My mexican soccer skills aren’t quite up where they should be but I still have time!

DSCF3491[1]So this week just about every appointment we had fell through so we spent a lot of time walking, sometimes stopping to visit members or less actives that we passed by, and we did that on Tuesday and this sister named Melida gave us a couple of references right down the street so we went to go contact them. One of them is named Hector and he is a doctor (well sort of…) He practices like some sort of eastern medicine and martial arts too… Well we got to his house and he was really nice from the beginning so we just got to talking and it turns out that he is Buddhist! He told us how he started catholic because of his parents but didnt understand the Bible or Jesus Christ, so when he got older he studied into Buddhism and a bunch of other religions and came to the conclusion that they all teach more or less the same thing, but just at different times in history, and that Jesus Christ came to seal all of the teachings. But only that the teachings of Christ werent complete. That the Bible has been tampered with over the years (something that we cant really doubt). It was the perfect “In” to talk about the Book of Mormon. That Jesus Christ came to the Americas, taught and ministered here. And more than anything that He continues to lead and guide us through a living prophet.

Also for the training part for my kid, we talked about the Book of Mormon this week. I love training because I get to go over the basics again. And the Book of Mormon is about as basic as it gets in the church, it really is the keystone of our religion. I would be lying if I said that I really appreciated the Book of Mormon before the mission. I have come to love and understand it more and more as I study it. I love teaching it more than anything else I think, because I just love sharing it with people. Nobody here really understands what it is, or think that it is our own Bible. I had a couple of other really spiritual experiences this week presenting the Book of Mormon to people. It is totally true that there are people who are kept from the truth only because they don’t know where to find it!

DSCF3536[1]Honestly I cant think of anything too exciting to add! I am doing really well! This week my companion has to go to Merida wednesday for immigration, and should get back on Thursday, and then we have to be in Campeche on Friday so this week will just be full of traveling which Im not looking forward to! But whatever! I love you all so much! Sorry this was a lame letter! Have a good week! Send me pictures of my new nephew! Adios!

Elder JuddDSCF3538[1]


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