8 Months, Making Cakes, And Doing Service!

Primero, HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY MOMMA!!! I forgot to mention that last week! I did remember on Saturday though! You can ask my companion! haha

DSCF3735[1]Well this week was super awesome for a couple of different reasons! First off it was really good working wise! We had the most lessons with members that we have had here since I got here, and the lessons were all super awesome. We found a couple of new people to teach, and one of them is super prepared! Her name is Pati, she was a reference from this kinda less active member that we visit a lot and in like half a lesson she already committed to come to church and read what we left her. We commit a lot of people to come to church but she actually came! Whoooo! That has been one of the hardest things so far, just getting people to come to church!

Also this week we did service twice which always makes me happy! I love being able to forgot about my own problems, the problems of our investigators, and just work outside! One of the times was with a less active and his wife who is investigating and has a baptismal date for the 19th of April. They are both super awesome, a young couple who have a 1 month old baby. It is super fun too because the sister, her name is Lourdes, spent 8 years in the states so she speaks perfect english and it makes me smile hearing it from somebody that isnt a missionary! I dont know why! haha

The second time we did service was for a less active sister. We cleaned up this piece of land that they are planning to build their house on. We had to cut down a couple of trees (with machetes! hahaha) and burn all of the branches. It took like 2 hours and was tough work but it was super relaxing for some reason haha. There is something I like about working hard physically aside from the spiritual work too! The best part is that she finally came to church this week too! We actually had the best attendance this last week at church that we have had since I got here, with a whopping 63 people! Whoo! haha. It was just cool to see investigators and less actives that we have been fighting to bring to church finally come and it was just a super awesome Sunday!

Also this week we spent a couple of hours and 200 pesos making a cake for the relief society activity on saturday! And it wasnt a complete waste of time because we did it with a non member brother of one of the members, he showed us how to do it but we did it all aside from the decorating! It was a tres leche cake and was beyond amazing! I am a pretty good baker if I do say so myself! Dad would love the tres leche cakes here because they come wet already, he doesnt have to put it into a bowl with milk! haha

DSCF3727[1]So yeah this week was really well rounded and I loved it! Super exhausting because of the heat and what not but totally worth it! It is getting super duper hot haha. Pray for cloud cover when Im walking! hahaha

On a little sadder note, we had an investigator who didn’t end up getting baptized this last week. He just got back from Veracruz after like 3 weeks there and just for lack of teaching we couldn’t take care of his doubts in time and we have to focus on tithing with him.

I love you all! I love hearing about all of the exciting things going on at home! I miss you all a ton but I dont have a doubt that I need to be here. I love it here! We have transfers this week and I really hope I stay here in Escarcega. Elder Winger is finishing his training and we both have the same time here so anything could happen! I hope I dont move! Nimodos! I have definitely learned that God knows whats best and wherever we go is where I need to be! I love you all so much! Have a good week!

Elder Judd

p.s. Sorry these letters havent been super spiritual, I will try better in the future! I promise I am having spiritual experiences! hahaha


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