A Run Away Teenager and Transfers

Okie dokie well another week down! Yesterday was actually the end of the transfer but I am staying here in Escárcega with Elder Winger for another 6 weeks! I am super glad too because I wasnt ready to leave here yet. I am surprised that we stayed together, I thought that one of us was going to leave but I am happy with how it ended up!

This week was pretty uneventful but we had a pretty cool experience on Tuesday! So we had just left in the morning to go and work and we were walking the route that we normally take when I just had the idea to follow on the street that we were walking and not turn where we normally turn. We didnt think anything of it, but kept walking straight on the street we were on. We were walking and saying,”Buenas Tardes” to everybody like we always do and we passed this teenage kid sitting on the side who recognized us as missionaries and asked us where the chapel was here in Escarcega. We obviously figured he was a member and had just moved here or something like that so we stopped to talk with him and he ended up telling us about how he had ran away from home in Chetumal (like 300 kilometers from here) and had hitchhiked all the way here. His name is Roger, he is 16 years old, and was running away from the problems in his family and drugs and what not that he got into. He said that he was baptized a couple of years ago but hasn’t gone since.

Well we had no idea what to tell him! It obviously wasnt coincidence (something I stopped believing in haha) that we passed by and met him, but he didnt have anything to his name, money, food, cell phone just the clothes on his back. We couldnt offer him our house, and I wasnt going to offer him the house of a member without talking with them so he came with us for the rest of that day to our lessons and we talked with some of the members who gave him food and what not but I still wasnt really sure what God wanted us to tell him. After everything the best thing I could come up with was give him a place to stay (he stayed with a member that night) and then we sent him back to his house and put him in contact with the branch president where he lives. We payed for his bus ticket to get back and sent him on his way. I honestly don’t know if he went all the way home or kept running but I really hope everything is okay and that he could face his problems.

I spent a lot of time since that day thinking about how grateful I am for my life. I have been so stinking blessed with a perfect family, a perfect home, perfect friends, and I wouldnt trade any part of my life for anything. And not only that, I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here in Mexico and try and be an instrument in Gods hands. I know I am far from perfect, but I feel like God is using me to some degree to help people here!

In my scripture study this week I have been going through the end of 2 Nephi and Jacob and really fell in love with Jacob 5-7. There is a verse in Jacob 6:2 that talks about the restoration and that God is working again in his vineyard. It talks about how He has sent his servants forth with His power, and as I read that I felt even more strongly the importance of what I am doing here. I truly love being a missionary. There isnt anything more rewarding! I love you all and miss you a ton but I love it here too! I hope you are all doing well! I KNOW THAT THIS CHURCH IS TRUE AND THAT JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF RESTORED IT IN HIS DAY! I love being able to share that testimony with everybody! I dont think there is a single phrase I know more valuable. Well have a good week! Take care!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Judd

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