Autobuses, capacitación, y Mérida

Hola familia! ¿¡Como están?! Supongo que todo este bien porque no recibí casi nada de cartas! haha My week was pretty good! Looking back I didn’t get too much done but I learned a lot and had a lot of fun!

DSCF3629[1]So on Tuesday all we had time to do was eat and then we had to take a combi (these janky little vans FULL to the brim with people) to Champoton like an hour away, and there we waited for the Elders there until they got there and we sent Elder Winger with an elder in Champoton so that Elder Mcrae and I could go to Mérida for the training meeting. We went from Champoton to Campeche where we met up with other Elders going from Campeche to Mérida for the meeting (all of the district and zone leaders went). I met Elder Garcia, another Dominican (I love Dominicans) and we spent the entire bus ride talking and laughing because he was in Izamal (my old area with the cool pyramids and what not) before I was and also Dominicans just make me laugh in the first place. After a day full of 100% traveling, we got to Mérida and the house we were staying out at like 10 so we just hung up our hammocks and passed out. We stayed with a couple of elders that I know from my training in Campeche, they were in my zone there so that was fun to talk with them.

Wednesday we got up super early to be in Centro at the stake center by 7, and we were almost late because Mérida in the morning is jam packed with traffic because everybody is going to work. It made me remember about Vegas though and I realized again how much of a city boy I am. I love Merida! Im excited to go there eventually.

DSCF3630[1]So the meeting started at 8 and President, the assistants, some zone leaders, and a couple of district leaders talked and trained and we did a practice after every principle. The first day we did 4 principles and Thursday the last 4. I actually had to do a training session about the Book of Mormon and I was super nervous until I started talking and realized what I was saying wasnt anything new or weird, it was just the truth! I focused on how it is super easy to overlook how important the Book of Mormon is in the conversion process because we want to teach the Restoration, the Plan of Salvation, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, all of the commandments and there are so many things to teach! But that before anything really has any credibility to an investigator, they need to have a testimony of the Book of Mormon. It was a good experience for me to learn too because as I was preparing what I was going to say I reflected back on my own investigators and what I need to do with them to help them progress which is focus more on the Book of Mormon!

We finished the first day at like 7 at night so we were all super exhausted and left to work for the rest of the night. I did divisions with Elder Castillo in his area (where we were sleeping) and it was pretty uneventful because nobody accepted nothing, but I put into practice something I had read this last week, that as missionaries or even just as members and disciples of Christ, we are OBLIGATED to share the gospel with everybody. How many people are going to come up to us after this life and say, “why didnt you share the gospel with me? You already knew the truth and knew that I needed it…” I am so scared of that now! If I wasn’t doing it before, I make it a point that every person I talk to knows that I am a missionary and representative of Jesus Christ and that I have a message that will bless their lives!

Thursday was the same schedule from 8-6 but we finished again at like 7 so by the time we got onto a bus and back in Campeche it was like 10:30 so I stayed the night in Campeche in my old house in Santa Lucia which made me happy haha. Even though it is just a house, it brought back memories! It feels like literally forever since I was there but it has only been a couple of months!

Friday morning I got back to Escarcega and we worked that afternoon, Saturday, and Sunday but it was pretty uneventful. The work in my area has been getting tougher because nobody is very accepting and we havent found very many new investigators in the last couple of weeks, and all of our investigators are never at home when we have appointments, we spend a lot of time walking. The lessons that we did have this week were super awesome. We met this guy named Marco who is really awesome, but his life is super rough. He got into drugs and started drinking daily when his wife left him, so now he is like 23 and has to raise his 4 year old kid alone. We taught him that he has a Heavenly Father who loves Him, and that He sent us to teach him about His son Jesus Christ who came and paid the price for our sins and also for our pains and sorrows. It was a super spiritual lesson and he committed to get baptized on April 19th. Now we just have to keep visiting him, teaching him, and MAKING SURE HE COMES TO CHURCH!!! Nobody comes to church here it is super frustrating hahaha.

Tomorrow morning we are going to Campeche to do the same training meeting but this time the leaders are training the rest of the missionaries. I have to lead another section which will be fun! I hope that everybody is doing well! I love you all! Have a good week!


Elder Judd

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