Bipolar weather and (more) Training meetings!

BLOG3675[1]Okie dokie so this was a really good week! From the few letters I got it sounds like a good one back home too! Those pictures of Alvin that mom sent are so stinking adorable! What a little guapito!

So Tuesday morning we woke up nice and early at 4 so we could be in Campeche for the training meeting with our zone and Zona Campeche. We got there in time and had a good meeting but it was 10 hours long… I dont really mind because I love meetings with other missionaries. It is a room full of pure power! haha I really love walking around the city in groups of like 10 missionaries, it blows everybodies minds! haha I did one of the training segments about the Book of Mormon again and I think it went pretty well! That night I stayed with some elders en Campeche, named Elder Jaussi and Elder Chappell. Elder Jaussi is a really good friend of mine because he is a fellow BYU cougar and he was here in Escarcega like a year ago. We did divisions and it was fun to walk around in Campeche again! Wednesday was the second day of the meeting and it went pretty well again, and when we took a bus back for Escarcega there were 8 of us there (4 of them get off in Champoton halfway through) but it was awesome because we all were talking with the people that sat next to and around us and we got a ton of references! That is something I couldnt really see me doing before the mission, talking with random strangers. But now I love doing it! And in Spanish! So cool!

DSCF3664[1]We got back a like 10 at night so the first work we were able to do this week was on Thursday but in only a couple of days we did a lot I feel like! We found some new investigators and one of them has a 1 month old baby which made me think about how big Alvin must be! I love little babies still!

DSCF3676[1]So yeah nothing too crazy happened this week! I will send pictures of when I was in Campeche with some missionary friends! I took one with my Dominican Brothers so I hope Dad likes that! haha I love you all! Sorry this letter is a little short! Have a good week! And write me! haha LOVE YOU ALL


Elder Judd
DSCF3687[1] DSCF3677[1]

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