Familia, Familia

Ahh I am all emotional right now after watching those videos of Cole wrestling! I wish I could have been there! What happened to my “Little brother”? I heard 195 pounds too? Holy cow?! Send me every match from this next weekend!
So this week absolutely flew by too. It was super good though! So on Monday we went to Champotón for district meeting and I stayed there until Wednesday to do divisions with Elder McRae. Tuesday I was in Champotón which was really good! I love doing divisions because I love being able to be super direct with people without that natural fear we all have. Something that Presidente Garcia is stressing a ton is being “intrépido” or fearless and bold. Before the mission I wouldnt use either one of those words to describe myself… But now I love being able to just tell people how it is. And it isnt like I am lying or trying to hurt anybodys feelings, nothing like that. I am telling people the 100% truth. This week I had some cool experiences with this which I will get too in a sec.
While I was in Champotón my companion was in our área with Elder Adair, and they were actually companions in the MTC which is funny for two reasons. First off they both dont speak spanish because they have the same time in the mission and two, because he doesnt know our área very well so they kinda wandered around hahaha. They did well though! I came back to find a new investigator and that they had taught a couple of lessons! Im a proud father! haha

I got back from Champotón on Wednesday in the afternoon and we were able to work the entire afternoon. Thursday we had weekly planning in the morning and then we had to go to Campeche at like 5 so we werent able to work very much Thursday. We took a bus for 3 hours to Campeche Thursday night and got to some other Elderes house at like 9. There were 6 elders staying in that house thursday night but it was a super tiny house. We had hammocks hanging in every direction you can imagine haha.
On Friday we woke up nice and early at 5 in the morning and were at the stake center for our Zone Conference at 7. It was super awesome as always. President Garcia and his wife are so awesome. And I just love conferences anyways! We talked about a lot of things, but I really loved something that Presidente Garcia told us.
So they had just gotten back from a training conference in Mexico City with Elder Oaks from the Quórum of the Twelve Apostoles, and President Garcia said that one of the things Elder Oaks asked of all the mission presidents in Mexico is that the people of Mexico understand who is God. We went on to talk about the Godhead. I had been studying about this a ton this week anyways which made it that much cooler that Presidente Garcia talked about it in the zone conference.
So who is God? I love what Joseph Smith said about how one of the first principles of the Gospel is understanding the nature of God. I was reading about faith this week too and I love what True to the Faith says, that faith is a belief that God exists AND and UNDERSTANDING OF WHO HE IS. The nature of God is one of the things that varies most inbetween religions, but as everybody says here, we all worship the same God so how does that work? The truth that God is our Heavenly Father, and that He has a body of flesh and bone, and that Jesús Christ is the Son of God, who also has a body of flesh and bone, was restored through Joseph Smith when he saw them both in the First Vision. The doctrine of the Godhead is part of the message of the Restoration that members of the church share with the world. I really gained an appreciation of knowing that when I realized that it is because of that knowledge that I can actually have a full and vibrant faith. When we understand the Godhead we can begin to truly develop a relationship and understand our Heavenly Father a little bit more. We can know that we were created in His image, and that our potential is divine. He, like any other father, wants the best for us. He has feelings and suffers when we suffer; is happy when we are happy; has given us commandments to protect us.
This is where the being bold part comes in. Everybody here has a different idea about who is God or what is God. But with everybody we have talked to this week, I have focused on letting people begin to understand who is our Heavenly Father. Saturday night we were headed back to our house and we stopped by to contact a reference while we still had time. We didnt find the reference but we talked to the guy who lived at the house we went to and we started talking. He made some comment about how Jesús is our Heavenly Father and I stopped him to clarify that Jesús is our Savior and Redeemer, but that he is the Son of God. That our Heavenly Father is God, and that God sent Jesús Christ through His infinite love that he has for us, his children. He looked at me with wide eyes and had nothing else to say hahaha. We put another appointment and taught the Restoration so we will see what happens!
We have a couple of investigators who we are working with but only one that is really progressing. It is so stinking hard to get people to come to church! Everybody wants to go play soccer and get wasted afterwards! ahh! haha
So I am still here in Escarcega thank goodness! My entire district stayed the same but now Champotón isnt in my district, only Escarcega and Morelos (my área). They put another área in Champotón and opened an área inbetween here and Campeche so our zone is 3 áreas that are in Campeche, the new área between Campeche and here called Lerma which is where the zone leaders are, and our 4 áreas in Escarcega and Champotón. It will be a little more boring without traveling to Champotón on Mondays or having them come here but it will be good too. I am excited!
So last P-Day as a misionera for Candace?! That is so nuts! And little Alvin hasnt made an appearance? I am expecting a bunch of pictures this week of the two newbies coming to Vegas! And wrestling matches of Cole Judd the Super Stud! Tell him to write me so I have his email! I hope you all have a good week! LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Con mucho amor,
Elder Judd
P.S. Im sorry if there is some spanish thrown into this letter, I wrote it fast and my mind works in both languages now hahaha.

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