¡Que onda familia?

DSCF3561[1]I’m an uncle! Again! haha CONGRATULATIONS TO BAILEY and BIENVENIDO A ALVIN! It is really bittersweet to see those pictures just because I’m not there to meet the little guy but I am so beyond happy for Spence and Bailey and the entire Judd family! Ahh so awesome!

I’m starting to get sick of saying how fast the time is flying and how fast this week was, but it was really fast! I know I say that every week!

So my companion had to go to Merida this week for his immigration so we sent him and Elder Alberto to Merida for that and Elder Ortiz and I stayed back for a day an a half and did divisions. I always think about how funny it is because not too long ago, Elder Ortiz and I did divisions in Campeche to go to Merida for our own immigration and now, what feels like a million years later we are doing the same thing but just this time we stayed back and sent our companions off. It was super awesome as always. He is Dominican as I have probably mentioned a bunch of times and I just love teaching and working with him because it is a total change of pace. The Dominican people are very different from both Mexicans and Gringos so I really enjoy it! But our companions got back late thursday night from Merida, only to have to travel again Friday morning when we all went to Campeche for zone meeting.

Friday we were in Campeche with our new zone which is a lot smaller but still super awesome. We got planched pretty hard because the numbers in our zone are all slacking, but I actually enjoyed it because everything that they said was like a direct answer to some question or problem we have been having here in Escarcega! I would say that this week is going to be a million times better but I actually have to go to Merida this week starting tomorrow.

All of the district and zone leaders in the mission are going to Merida for a training meeting on Wednesday and Thursday and now that I am a district leader I get to go! I have to leave tomorrow at like 2 and wont get back until probably Friday afternoon so there goes a whole week of work haha. I am excited though, I will get to see all of my mission friends! Although I just found out that I am going to have to do a training part! AHHHHH! I have to talk about the role that the Book of Mormon takes in the conversion of investigators and ourselves, and I have 15 minutes! In front of all of the leaders of the mission! I am super duper scared but whatever! haha

Oh so this week I did my first baptismal interview!!! The other Elders here in my district baptized this young woman named Darilyn so I had to do the interview on Friday when we got back from Campeche. I was a little scared and nervous to do it for some reason, but it went fine and she got baptized this last week!

DSCF3568[1]I’m writing late today because we went to play soccer this morning. IT IS SO STINKING HOT HERE. It is literally miserable haha. I don’t understand why anybody would live here on the peninsula. Even when in the shade with a breeze, I am soaking wet because of the humidity. I have made up my mind that I might die this summer. And I get burned so easily here! I’m literally a tomato now. But whatever, my missionary tan line is going to be super dope!

Umm I got a haircut today, and bought a new backpack because the mission just made a rule about having to have one strap backpacks. That’s about everything new haha

As always I am running out of time and want to write more but don’t have too much more to say! I am doing really well! Sweaty, but alive and well! I got Moms package and a couple of letters this week at the zone meeting which made my week! I got your christmas card Josh and Sophia! Thank your for the letters! And tell Sophia that the land of her people is amazing! And that I am more mexican than she is now! Wahahaha!

I love you all so much! Have a good week and write me a dang letter if you havent been! haha And read your scriptures, say your prayers, and go to church. Okay I love you!

Con mucho amor,

Élder Judd (or as everyone says here Judo)

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