Conference Weekend = Pure Awesome

DSCF3782[1]WOOOH! I love me some general conference! I didnt get to watch it in English unfortunately but it was uplifting and awesome any ways! It was pretty frustrating though because a bunch of people that had committed to come didnt! And not only investigators but less active and active members! I think I was probably the same before the mission, but how is it that a PROPHET OF GOD talking to us about what we have to do doesnt call everybodies attention?! We always worry about what we can do to get through in life or a situation, or to be successful in something, and often times we investigate and look into it on the internet and talk with people but how many times do we go to God, and not only ask him for the answer, but look for it too?! There isnt any advice or council more precious than what a Prophet can offer! I know that I personally learned a lot and received a lot of answers to how I can improve both as a missionary and as a person.

Well anyways I never really mentioned what happened in the transfers aside from the fact that I stayed here in Morelos with Elder Winger, but Elder Alberto left Escarcega and Elder Ortiz is training Elder Ramirez who is from Guatemala. Now we are even that much more cultural down here in Escarcega! Whoo! Although Guatemala is actually really close to where we are haha.

Oh so big news! I tried Mondongo for the first time this week! Right after eating actually we went to visit some less actives and the hermana was in the middle of cooking mondongo and she invited us to eat with them… I was actually full already and had no desire to throw up so I really wanted to say no to eating cow stomach but missionary etiquette says no! She only gave us a little bit and it really wasnt even that bad, it just feels like gum or fat, super chewy! I was just glad to be able to say that I tried it! Whooo! haha

We found a couple of new investigators this week, and one of them is really promising! But Elder Ortiz and I were talking the yesterday after conference and we have both come to the conclusion that the reason it is so hard to have baptisms here in Escarcega is because we have to fix the base of everything which are the members! They are all really awesome, and I love them all, but it is hard to teach a non member that they have to keep the Sabbath day holy, and not buy things and not work when all of the members do it… The biggest thing is the stinking tortillas…. Every meal here you eat tortillas, and almost nobody makes them themselves, so you have to go to the tortilleria before every meal and pick up a half kilo of tortillas, which is totally fine any other day of the week, but they do it sundays too! I might understand if it was something like an emergency but TORTILLAS?! Not worth breaking the sabbath day! Not worth giving up the blessings that we receive from keeping that commandment! It isn’t worth it to break any of the commandments actually!

This week in the Book of Mormon I noticed like 25 times the phrase, “si guardáis mis mandamientos, prosperaréis en la tierra”, or if we keep the commandments, we will be blessed. Many people here know that God exists and that He loves us, but nobody understands what Jesus was saying when he said, “If ye love me, keep my commandments.” Yes it is really important to love and have charity for everybody, but the best way to demonstrate this love is by doing what He said! Keep the dang commandments! haha And as it says in the Book of Mormon, the purpose of keeping the commandments is that we will develop all of the other attributes that we need to!

Well anyways I am short on time! We are heading to Campeche right now because the entire zone is going to play soccer against Zona Campeche! We are actually renting out a field and everything not just on one of the courts they have at the churches! I will be sure to take photos of my awesome soccer skills!

I love you all so much! I hope you all had a good conference weekend and I look forward to hearing from you this week! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!


Elder Judd

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