Fútbol, Divisiones, Entrevistas, Cumpleaños, y una Pascua Actividad!

Translation: Soccer, Divisiones, Interviews, Birthdays, and an Easter Activity!

BLOG3963[1]This last week was one of the best of my mission up to date! I mentioned last week that I was writing early because we were headed to Campeche really early, which we did. All we had time to do last week was study and write before we took a combi to Campeche. We got there at like 1 or 2 in the afternoon and we headed to the soccer field that we had rented out to play soccer. Normally we just play on the concrete “canchas” but we decided to rent an actual grass field and we played Zona Champoton vs. Zona Campeche! It was super awesome! My zone (zona champoton) killed them, and I actually had the most goals with 4! Im really not that good but managed to score four times and it blew all of the guatamalans and mexicans minds! hahaha

It was super traumatic though, when we got to Campeche we met up with the other elders from our zone and took separate taxis there. I had brought one of my bags of luggage because I stayed there for 3 days, and as we were walking around before we grabbed a taxi another elder was carrying my bag and I thought I saw him put it into the taxi I took. As we got to the field, we paid the taxi and left and thirty seconds later I realized that I hadnt grabbed my suitcase and immediately started sprinting after the taxi for like a kilometer before it drove out of my sight. I was so stinking angry at myself! I honestly thought my suitcase with my clothes, hammock, and everything was gone forever (it reminded me of the story Candace told us about when the same thing happened to her at the end of her mission) and I wanted to cry! I started to walk back (almost dying because I am in such bad shape) and as I got back to the group of elders I came with they were all cracking up laughing because they had just talked on the phone with the elder that had my bag. I don’t think I have ever felt so relieved in my life!

DSCF3787[1]Tuesday and Wednesday I was in Campeche doing divisiones with Elder Torrentera which went really well! We also had interviews with President Garcia on Tuesday which was good too. Even though it isnt much, I love the time we get to spend with him and with Sister Garcia. They are both awesome and I love them so much!

I got back to the wonderful Escarcega wednesday night just in time for a couple of lessons before we finished the day. Thursdaywas another good day because it was the birthday of Elder Winger! The day went by normally but we finished the night with a Family Home Evening where one of the members brought a great big cake which we enjoyed!

DSCF3794[1]And probably my favorite part of the week was Saturday. So we have been wanting to do an activity in the branch because there are has only been like 1 in my entire time here! Anyways a couple of weeks ago we decided to have an Easter activity and we wanted to do something fun as well as spiritual. So on Saturday we started with a devotional which our branch president gave. He showed one of the new bible videos called He Is Risen which is really really awesome and a couple of people shared their testimonies which was really special too. And then afterwards he turned the time over to us and we explained about the tradition of Easter Eggs that we have! We went and hid like 90 blank hardboiled eggs during the devotional and explained to them that they had to go search them out and then showed them how to decorate them! It was pretty simple but everybody really loved it! We had a lot of less actives and a couple of investigators there too which made it even that much better! I was proud of ourselves with the activity! haha

BLOG3849[1]DSCF3809[1]DSCF3811[1]DSCF3813[1]DSCF3818[1]So yeah that was my week! I wish I had more time but know that I love you all! I am absolutely loving it here all the way in Escarcega, Mexico as well!  Being a missionary is the best calling on the planet. My faith in Jesus Christ and in our Heavenly Father have grown so much, and I know that I am doing THEIR work, not the work of anybody else. I also know that Jesus Christ lived for us, gave us the example to follow, established His Church, suffered for our sins and died on the cross for all of us. However during this next week (semana santa), I rejoice in the knowledge that He was resurrected on the third day. I know that my Redeemer lives, and I know that this is His church. I know this and I try to share that with every person I meet because I know how much this testimony has blessed my life. I love you all and encourage you to do the same. Joseph Smith once said that if we arent getting closer to God, we are getting farther from him. There is no middle ground. Every day we need to do those things that will bring us closer to God, read the scriptures, pray, and share the gospel in word and deed. I LOVE YOU ALL! Have a good week!


Elder Judd

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