¡Semana Santa!

Hola, hola! How goes life in the real world?! Mission life is as good as ever! This week wasn’t the most exciting but we worked hard and that makes the time worthwhile!

So last week I told you all about our Easter activity that we had last Saturday, which was awesome but it was also really good because from that activity we found a super awesome investigator! Her name is Gabby, her and her “husband” are family of the branch president but he is super less active. Lorenzo is his name, and he hadnt been to church for like 22 years until his mom invited him to the activity and then they came to church the sunday afterwards. So we have been teaching them both this last week and she has been one of the best investigators Ive ever had! We always talk about golden investigators and how nice it would be to have one for once, and finally we do! She reads everything we leave with her and sucks it all in like a sponge. The only problem (because an investigator without problems is too good to be true) is that they arent married. We talked about this the last lesson and invited them to meditate, pray, and then get married haha so we will see if it works out!

One of the worst things about here in Escarcega is that we work hard, find new people, but the promising ones ALWAYS have something come up. We had two investigators who accepted baptismal dates, had gone to church (one of them 3 times) and then all of a sudden they cant anymore. One had to go on a trip for like 3 weeks so we will see what happens with him, and the other started working every day of the week until late in the night. Satan has a way of putting things in the way JUST as we start teaching people.

Sooooo we should have a baptism this week! We have an investigator that I think I have mentioned before named Lourdes. She and her husband are super young but have a three month old baby girl (who is absolutely adorable haha). Her husband is less active but they are both excited and have been coming to church and she decided she wants to get baptized. BUT (because like I said there is always a “but”) she doesnt feel sure about Jose Smith and the Restoration, so we are fasting and praying with her so that she can really feel the power of the Book of Mormon. She is one of those that I think has already received her answer but she just hasnt recognized it! Anyways her baptism is planned for Friday!

So I totally didn’t realize it was Easter until this morning! I didnt connect that Domingo de Gloria and Easter are the same in my head but HAPPY EASTER! I hope you all enjoy the Reeses Eggs that I wont be able to eat! haha Well yeah nothing too new! Just work, work, work! This week Im going to hit 9 months though! Crazy! Too stinking fast! My companion hit 5 months yesterday! My kid is growing up too fast! :´( hahaha

I love you all so much! Have a good week! And don’t forget about me!

con mucho amor,

Elder Judd

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