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Pure sunshine, burnt faces, and laughter.

Wow another long week! Today is a well deserved P-day! Well they are all well deserved but this week more than normal!

So now that I am in Merida and not in the end of the world Escarcega, Monday night after I wrote we were hanging out in Centro and then went and played basketball and soccer with all of the other elders and some sisters from our zone and another zone. I love being able to see other missionaries so much! Whoo! That night I went with one of my buddies Elder Hall to do divisiones in his area. It was just funny because the last time him and I did divisions, he came to Izamal as my district leader and now I was going to his area! haha Those went really well and Tuesday night we went to meet the new missionary senior couple that had just gotten here from Chihuahua! They are really sweet and are in my zone so I am excited to have them there! A little bit of experience in the zone! Whoo!

Thursday we did divisiones again but with the other two elders here in Caucel (because we share this ward with another companionship of elders and a companionship of sisters). That went pretty well too but I got SUPER sunburnt Friday morning because it was just pure walking, and there is zero shade here in Caucel and there are never guys home so all the lessons we have are with woman and we have to sit outside the house because we cant enter! I have the faith that I wont get skin cancer though! haha Continue reading


¡Que tal!

Wow what a week. Whaat aaa weeeek. Today feels like a well deserved P-day haha.

So as I mentioned last week I am in a new area! Both my area and the ward I am in are stinking huge! Its called Caucel, and its on the outskirts of Merida, actually its technically another city I think. Our zone is zona Centro, so my companion and I are the zone leaders for the central part of Merida! We have our meetings in the stake center in Centro which is on the same plot of land as the mission offices and the temple so now I am always surrounded by missionaries, 100% different than Escarcega was! I am basically the king of Merida! hahaha not really I still dont know what Im doing! haha

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Sooo first off it was absolutely amazing talking to everybody on Sunday! I love you all so much and even though an hour long skype call isnt much, I appreciate it so much! Especially getting to meet my little chubby nephew!

So I mentioned it last week, but we had transfers yesterday! And wow what a surprise! I was almost positive I was going to stay in Escarcega and maybe train again or something but nope, not even close! I got shipped out to Mèrida, an area called Caucel (cow-kell) 1, its like on the outskirts of Merida. My companion is named Elder Anaya, and he is really awesome! We have only been together since today at like 10 but I have been laughing the entire time. Oh and the big shocker I got bumped up to be a zone leader. Its funny, at the start thats like the biggest goal but now I just wanna go back and be a junior companion! haha

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Cant think of a clever subject line…

I’m stuck on what to name this letter because this week was pretty uneventful! It started off pretty slow but picked up as the week went on!
So we went from that super spiritual high last sunday and were all pumped up Monday and Tuesday to go work, but Tuesday ended up being the HOTTEST day I have experienced on the mission! It was so stinking hot! It doesnt get up to the 115 like Vegas but it hits like 105 or 108 but with how stinking humid it is, ahh man its horrible haha. Tuesday was tough… haha BUT God answers prayers!
Wednesday started out the same, super hot, but not quite as bad as Tuesday until around 3 in the afternoon when it poured down rain for like 2 hours! And since then it has been overcast, raining every once in a while. It has even been cold at nights which has been nice!

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Too much awesome for one week to handle.

So this week has probably been one of the best ones to date. It started off normal until Tuesday night when we started divisions with the other Elders in Escarcega. I went with Elder Ortiz and worked in his area on Wednseday and it was fun as always! I would probably say he is one of the best friends Ive been able to meet here on the mission. Such a good guy and we always learn a ton from each other. For example, I showed him how to make oatmeal in a microwave because he never had a microwave before the mission. Haha

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