Cant think of a clever subject line…

I’m stuck on what to name this letter because this week was pretty uneventful! It started off pretty slow but picked up as the week went on!
So we went from that super spiritual high last sunday and were all pumped up Monday and Tuesday to go work, but Tuesday ended up being the HOTTEST day I have experienced on the mission! It was so stinking hot! It doesnt get up to the 115 like Vegas but it hits like 105 or 108 but with how stinking humid it is, ahh man its horrible haha. Tuesday was tough… haha BUT God answers prayers!
Wednesday started out the same, super hot, but not quite as bad as Tuesday until around 3 in the afternoon when it poured down rain for like 2 hours! And since then it has been overcast, raining every once in a while. It has even been cold at nights which has been nice!

Another highlight is that we moved houses! Whooo! haha Before we weren’t even in our área, we lived in the other área but now we are in our área in a bigger apartment! I love doing business like looking for a house because it makes me feel like a mexican businessman, although it takes up time on our P Days because those are the only days we can look for houses.
Friday we had a zone meeting in Campeche which went well, I always love going to Campeche, but on the combi ride back to Escarcega (Combis are like these van taxis that they have here) I gave up my relatively comfortable seat to an old woman and sat up front in the middle, the seat that has the least amount of space in the entire combi haha. That was a fun 2 hours. My companion always cracks me up in combis, he can sleep in any position haha. Ill send some pictures.
We also went to this little village town thing outside of Escarcega called Libertad to try and find some people to teach. There is only one family there that goes to church relativly frequently so it is a fun challenge to try and find people to teach there. I think it would be cool to open a little pueblo where there are like no members and everybody speaks Maya, but I just knocked on wood because that is possible and sounds really tough! haha
I get to skype home this week!!!! I am going to call right after the church services on Sunday so at like 1 or 2 a clock here, I dont know what time that is there, but I am super excited to see everybody!
Also this is the last week of the transfer so who knows what will happen! I really doubt that both of us will stay here again but aside from that anything can happen. I dont really want to leave Escarcega yet but we will see what God wants from me and Elder Winger!
I love you all! Sorry this is a boring letter, kinda a boring week! But I dont mind weeks like this when we can just work and not worry about anything else! Have a good week everybody! I will see you Sunday!
Elder Judd

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