Sooo first off it was absolutely amazing talking to everybody on Sunday! I love you all so much and even though an hour long skype call isnt much, I appreciate it so much! Especially getting to meet my little chubby nephew!

So I mentioned it last week, but we had transfers yesterday! And wow what a surprise! I was almost positive I was going to stay in Escarcega and maybe train again or something but nope, not even close! I got shipped out to Mèrida, an area called Caucel (cow-kell) 1, its like on the outskirts of Merida. My companion is named Elder Anaya, and he is really awesome! We have only been together since today at like 10 but I have been laughing the entire time. Oh and the big shocker I got bumped up to be a zone leader. Its funny, at the start thats like the biggest goal but now I just wanna go back and be a junior companion! haha

So because I was previously in Escarcega, which is far away haha, last night when we got the transfers I had to pack and be leaving that same night. We went to the bus station at midnight to take a bus at 12:30 but when we got there, there were no seats so we had to wait until 4:15 when we grabbed a bus too Campeche and from there I met up with some other elders going to Merida and took a bus there. I couldnt really sleep on either of the buses so even right now I am running on 2 hours of sleep. Anyways I got here to Merida and we went out to our area!

So my companion and I are both new to the area, he just came from Campeche too so we have no clue what is going on haha, and one of the elders that was in our area doesn’t know anything about it so we are literally going to have to start from scratch! I’m excited though because my companion is a really awesome elder and I am excited to sit back and learn instead of have to be in charge of every single situation now! haha

Right now we are sitting in Centro Merida right across from the temple (which is so stinking pretty) because we have our district meeting here at the stake center right next to the temple in just a sec! My birthday went really well! Some members planned a little surprise party/family home evening thing which wasn’t a very big surprise but they made me a cake! I was happy 🙂 haha.

Im kinda frazzled with all the change that just happened less than 24 hours ago so I’m sorry this letter might be a little weird and rushed! But I love you all so much! Keep me in your prayers, this is going to be a long week! haha


Elder Judd

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