¡Que tal!

Wow what a week. Whaat aaa weeeek. Today feels like a well deserved P-day haha.

So as I mentioned last week I am in a new area! Both my area and the ward I am in are stinking huge! Its called Caucel, and its on the outskirts of Merida, actually its technically another city I think. Our zone is zona Centro, so my companion and I are the zone leaders for the central part of Merida! We have our meetings in the stake center in Centro which is on the same plot of land as the mission offices and the temple so now I am always surrounded by missionaries, 100% different than Escarcega was! I am basically the king of Merida! hahaha not really I still dont know what Im doing! haha

So in my area, there was basically no work when we got there because the elders there were there before didn’t really work… haha but Elder Anaya and I came to change that! Starting Tuesday we have just been getting to know the area and meeting all the members and old investigators and what not. Our area is absolutely gigantic but my companion is like a computer and has already learned it for the most part thank goodness! haha Tuesday was a lot of walking.Wednesday was a lot of walking too. Thursday, some more walking. Friday not so much walking. Saturday pure walking. And Sunday was pretty relaxed haha. Im nice and sun burnt right now 🙂 haha our area is like pure suburbs. Just like cookie cutter houses for as long as the eye can see! There is like zero shade so I always make a victory shout when we have cloud cover or find some trees. Thank goodness the temperature is dropping. It actually rained a little today so I am hoping that it doesn’t climb up too high again!

My area isn’t the nicest area in the mission but everybody here is waaaaayyyy richer than my other areas hahaha. Everybody has cars, tablets, the occasional iPad, and nice houses. We have an area within our area called Gran Santa Fe which is the nicest part, and we went there and even though it doesnt compare with a lot of neighborhoods in Vegas or the staes in general, my companion and I were just star struck at nice houses! We even saw a Camaro and a Mustang and I remembered what a nice car sounds like! haha Almost half of our ward are newly married ex missionaries which is pretty awesome although I feel like they are judging every thing we do so we are behaving ourselves really well! haha And there are like at least a dozen people here that speak english. There is an ex missionary who just got back like 3 weeks ago from serving in Ogden Utah, and he speaks better english than I do! haha I think its true what Cole was saying when I called, I have a little bit of an accent haha.

Anyways that has been our week, walking, teaching, burning, saving souls. All that good stuff.

I was struck off guard to hear today about Marcie. I hope that everybody is doing well after her passing away. I know without a doubt that through Jesus Christ and his Atonement, the death isnt the end. Our Heavenly Father has a plan for us much bigger than we can imagine! I love my family so much and thank God every day that I can be with them for all eternity. I love you all and know that God is watching over every single one of us. I hope everybody has a good week!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Judd


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