¡Noche Blanca!

Okay well I am rushing for time! I will try and fit this awesome week into an email as fast as I can!!


So first off, last monday we had our zone conference and I don’t know if I mentioned it but President Garcia planned for the three zones that were there, we were going to have a super baptismal service this same week on Friday so from Monday to Friday we were running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to get people ready for baptism, doing interviews, making phone calls, just tons of stuff! Also on Tuesday, we had our Leadership Meeting, something that I get to go to now because Im a zone leader. These are every month and Sister and President Garcia as well as the assistants train us and then we train our zones. Anyways that was Tuesday morning and didnt end until relatively late so we kinda lost that day of work. On wednesday, it was pure working. We did divisiones with some members and ended up teaching a lot of lessons which was awesome. Also we committed our investigator to get baptized on Friday! She had already been planning for this week which was good! Although we had to do some teaching express! Thursday, the assistant Elder Coffman came and worked with us in the afternoon and did the baptismal interview for Maria (our investigator) and we also taught some good lessons. The assistants right now are really awesome, and work like crazy. He was with us until like 12 because the other assistant and President Garcia were doing divisions in other areas and we were all going crazy to be ready for Friday. 

DSCF7044[1]And then came Friday!!!! Im going to send pictures, but it was so awesome. In between two stakes, (our zone is only half a stake) we had planned about 75 possible baptisms, and we ended up baptizing 35 people. Elder Anaya and I were able to baptize Maria, which was really special. Her son, Ronaldo, is a recent convert that was baptized in January and it was really special to be able to share a moment like this with them. The baptismal service was planned to start at 6 but here in Yucatán, everybody is always late and we ended up starting at like 7:30. With so many people getting baptized it took a long time and Elder Anaya and I werent back in the house until 12. Needless to say, we have been absolutely exhausted this week! But totally worth it. it was really special, and it felt good to be dressed in white again! President Garcia removed the rule that we could only actually perform the baptism of one person and now if the investigator wants, we can baptize so I was able to baptize Maria. Elder Anaya did the confirmation on Sunday. I also did my first confirmation for another convert in our ward but from a different group of missionaries! Overall a really special week!

DSCF7043[1]And to finish, today we had our zone meeting, my first one as zone leader! Elder Anaya and I trained the zone and I think it went pretty well! This week has been nuts but really special as well! Im sorry if this letter makes no sense! Overall, it was a crazy week but ended with an amazing baptismal service! Haha I love you all! Gotsta go! Souls to save!

I’m in the offices right now and President and Sister Garcia told me to say hello to my family! haha


Elder Judd

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