¡Buenas tardes, habla Elder Judd!

Gooooood afternoon!!! First off, happy late Fathers Day to the best Dad in the entire world!! I cant even start to describe how blessed I am to have the Father I have, because I dont know where I would be without him! I hope it was a good day!

So this was a good week! Not the best but it ended pretty good which makes up for a rocky start. We started this week doing divisions but I stayed in my area with a new Elder, Elder Ramirez and it was fun. The work was absolutely horrible though hahaha. We had just about the entire day planned out with appointments and members to come with us and I was super excited but literally EVERYTHING fell through hahaha. Oh the joys of mission life! We did end up finishing the day with a good lesson with a less active family whose son isnt a member and we are working with him to get baptized. He is basically atheist though, it has been kinda rough so far but we are working hard! And the best part was that they made us tacos afterwards 🙂 I love tacos.

Also some cool news! Our recent convert from last week, Maria and her son Ronaldo (another recent convert), are working on their genealogy work so that they can find names to take to the temple and President Garcia planned out with the Temple President (President Garcia’s brother haha) that we can go and help them do baptisms for the dead! I MIGHT GET TO GO TO THE TEMPLE ON FRIDAY! I am pumped! I miss that glorious place! It is such a tease being so close to it now too here in Merida! Every week we have our meetings right next door! We are going to be working with them on their Family History so that they can have that experience to go and be baptized for their ancestors.

Ummm oh also it was stake conference here this week, and a member of one of the quorums of the seventy came! It was Elder Moroni Gaona, and he was absolutely awesome! I havent heard somebody speak as well as he did in a long time! He is like a Mexican Jeffrey R. Holland! He spoke almost only about his mission and missionary work. I think we can all see this theme is dominating just about everything the prophets and apostols are saying these days… Anyways probably the most amazing part was that he told us a story about how before leaving on the mission, he had zero plans to do so. He had his life set, in medical school, and wasnt about to put those plans to the side. But he said that his bishop called him in for an interview, and that he knew exactly why, so he prepared with responses as to why he wasnt going to go on the mission. But as he entered the bishops office, the first thing the bishop said after they prayed was that, “behind this desk isnt Sergio Garcia. It is the Lord Jesus Christ himself. And he has called you on a mission to preach the gospel” and he said that every idea he had had before and everything he was going to say just flew out the window and he accepted to go on a mission that night. And wait, wait the coolest part was that when he said the name Sergio Garcia, all of the missionaries there started thinking “wait.. President Garcia’s name is Sergio…..” and sure enough President Garcia is the ex bishop of Elder Gaona! And President Garcia was there at the conference and spoke too and it was just amazing! It was like all of the soap operas they watch here, with the dramatic climax! But a spiritual one hahaha.

Anyways we are just working hard! Nothing new! This is the last week of the transfer! Wow this transfer flew by…. Im scared because they are getting shorter and shorter! Im coming up on the one year mark soon… AHHH! Scary stuff! I love you all so much! I hope you all have a good week!


Elder Judd

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