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¡Dios bo´otik!

¡Hello familia! So this week was a really good week! On Thursday I hit one year! Ahh that scares me so much! I feel like I just got here yesterday! I feel like a year isn’t enough time to become the missionary I still want to become!

DSCF7098[1]So what to say about this week?? Last monday night we played soccer like always but it went pretty well because I scored like 4 goals! No big deal, Im kinda a soccer star. Although as we were finishing up playing, a pretty nasty storm came in. Actually the last couple of weeks have been full of them. They come and go super fast but the thunder and lightning is always super awesome. Continue reading


¡Bix a be´el!

Im going to keep putting mayan phrases as the subject line until I run out of maya haha

Okay well first off I feel bad for not being able to say much last week! Today I have a little bit more time! haha So first off HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jacob!!! 16 years old!!! Whoooooo!!! haha I hope it is a good one!

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Tu´ux ka bin!

Hola familia! I am basically out of time because I spent a little longer writing individual letters so I will try to sum up this week really fast! So Tuesday we had a leadership meeting with President Garcia which went well but unfortunately we lose like the entire morning and afternoon of work. Then on Wednesday we had a zone meeting to tell them everything that President had told us the day before, so that was three days straight in meetings in the morning! I started to get frustrated with not being able to work in our area! In between those meetings, other meetings with stake leaders, and having to leave the area for other miscellaneous things, we didn’t get to work in our area very much :(…

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¡Ba’ax ka walik!

Hola familia! Woah it is so crazy to hear about everybody´s summer plans! I dont even remember what a vacation feels like anymore! Haha It isnt going to be weird to pass a Fourth of July here in Mexico! I hope I can see the fireworks from across the gulf! haha

Well my life continues to be that of a missionary and boring! haha, I love it but looking at everybody elses it looks boring! Whatever, you are all missing out! haha So some highlights, last week with the new change starting arrived all of the new missionaries from the MTC and my companion and I were assigned to babysit them more or less and we took them around Mérida a little bit. It was fun for two reasons, first because seeing new missionaries makes me happy! Time has seriously passed so fast! I still remember when I first got here to Mérida and didnt know spanish and didnt know anything! But now look at me! I feel like a different person! haha Also I absolutely love Mérida. I hear about other parts of Mexico that are super unsafe where people get decapitated and shot and what not and look around and cant even imagine it! I could honestly come back and live here if it werent for how hot it is haha. And everybody talks about all of the underground springs and the mayan ruins, my mission is so awesome. Some day I am going to come back and visit!

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