¡Ba’ax ka walik!

Hola familia! Woah it is so crazy to hear about everybody´s summer plans! I dont even remember what a vacation feels like anymore! Haha It isnt going to be weird to pass a Fourth of July here in Mexico! I hope I can see the fireworks from across the gulf! haha

Well my life continues to be that of a missionary and boring! haha, I love it but looking at everybody elses it looks boring! Whatever, you are all missing out! haha So some highlights, last week with the new change starting arrived all of the new missionaries from the MTC and my companion and I were assigned to babysit them more or less and we took them around Mérida a little bit. It was fun for two reasons, first because seeing new missionaries makes me happy! Time has seriously passed so fast! I still remember when I first got here to Mérida and didnt know spanish and didnt know anything! But now look at me! I feel like a different person! haha Also I absolutely love Mérida. I hear about other parts of Mexico that are super unsafe where people get decapitated and shot and what not and look around and cant even imagine it! I could honestly come back and live here if it werent for how hot it is haha. And everybody talks about all of the underground springs and the mayan ruins, my mission is so awesome. Some day I am going to come back and visit!

This week was pretty normal as far as work goes. Being a zone leader is both really fun but annoying, all of our plans always get interrupted haha. For example Thursday afternoon the assistants called us and told us we were going to have a meeting with them and President the next day and we had to be in Centro at 7 in the morning.Friday we spent all day in Centro for a training meeting and we just finished giving it to the rest of the zone today. It was awesome though because President just made a deal with a nearby hotel by the mission offices and now before leadership meetings we go and eat breakfast there and lunch also. IT WAS SOOOO GOOD! hahaha And it was cool to be inside of a relatively nice hotel!

Tomorrow we have another meeting with President and I am excited for breakfast 🙂 although we have to wake up early which even though we wake up early every day, it hasn’t gotten any easier after almost a year of doing it…

So we are finally making progress here in Caucel. We are working better with the ward members, and it seems like they like us more and more because they always invite us to go eat and what not or to some ruins and we have to tell them no hahaha. We are still struggling finding investigators because there is literally NOBODY out in the streets to contact because it is so hot during the day, but we just make due with what we have! haha

I have got to go now but I love you all so much! Have a good Fourth of July! Dont forget about me here in Mexico! Love you!


Elder Judd

1 thought on “¡Ba’ax ka walik!

  1. John Manning

    What a great missionary Elder Judd is. His e-mails are so insspiring. I have a daughter serving in Merida. What a blessing the Gospel is.


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