Tu´ux ka bin!

Hola familia! I am basically out of time because I spent a little longer writing individual letters so I will try to sum up this week really fast! So Tuesday we had a leadership meeting with President Garcia which went well but unfortunately we lose like the entire morning and afternoon of work. Then on Wednesday we had a zone meeting to tell them everything that President had told us the day before, so that was three days straight in meetings in the morning! I started to get frustrated with not being able to work in our area! In between those meetings, other meetings with stake leaders, and having to leave the area for other miscellaneous things, we didn’t get to work in our area very much :(…


DSCF4191[1]Friday was the 4th of July! I didnt even realize it until somebody else told me hahaha. It is sad that holidays that are so big in my culture here dont mean anything! hahaha Although I invited my companion to eat pizza and I sang the national anthem in remembrance of my heritage!


DSCF7071[1]Today we had ANOTHER meeting in the morning with 3 other zones, but this week looks clearer than the last week with meetings and what not! I hope we can get some more work done! But things are going well! Although this week we had a ant infestation. They were coming through a hole in the floor so I covered it up with some silly putty that Mom had sent me! haha Finally found a use for it!

In a little bit, some members are going to take us to go eat somewhere so I am excited! I think they said a chinese food buffet! I am sorry this was a boring letter but I am trying to fit it in fast! I love you all so much! Happy Birthday to my favorite niece ever, and the only one I actually have met! haha Have a good week everybody!

Elder JuddDSCF7077[1]



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