¡Bix a be´el!

Im going to keep putting mayan phrases as the subject line until I run out of maya haha

Okay well first off I feel bad for not being able to say much last week! Today I have a little bit more time! haha So first off HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jacob!!! 16 years old!!! Whoooooo!!! haha I hope it is a good one!

Hmm some highlights from this week… So the relief society president last sunday gave us a reference for somebody that she thought was less active and her husband and kids werent members, so Tuesday morning we went by and found the family. It turns out that they are both active members but it was really cool because they had just been talking hours before that they hoped the missionaries would drop by because the sister had gotten burned the day before and they wanted a blessing for her. We gave the blessing which is always good but my favorite part is that the brother from the family is from England! Here in Merida there are a lot of foreigners but this guy is living here in Caucel with his Mexican wife and we just talked for a while about everything, and we did it all in english! haha It was really funny/sad because my companion didnt understand anything at all haha. Normally he understands when two americans are speaking english but he didn’t understand the english accent haha.

So the weather here is pretty miserable, at least last week it was, this week not too bad. Last week, every single day it was super stinking hot in the morning and then would rain and chill down at like 4 or 5 in the afternoon. Sometimes the storms were pretty gnarly that passed through! Tons of thunder and lightning! It tore a couple of trees out of the ground in our area, and we were walking one day after a storm had passed by and a tree had fallen on top of a car so we went to help them and as we came closer we saw that there was a HUGE swarm of bees in the tree because there was a hive in the tree that fell down! We helped them cut the tree up with a machete (the only thing they had) and remove the tree and only got stung a couple of times!! The others that were there helping got stung like crazy though!!

We have been able to work in our area in the last two weeks more which has been really good! We are working with a handful of investigators but the biggest problem with getting them to baptism is that they arent married. One of them has to get divorced to her husband too but he lives in Veracruz so we are trying to work that out! It is tough though to find investigators who are really awesome but cant get baptized because they arent married with their partner. I did get an email though from an investigator I was teaching in Escarcega that ended up getting married and baptized! She sent photos which was cool! Wish I could have been there but I know the Lord wants me here where I am!

So this week I hit 1 year on Thursday!!! So crazy! The time has flown by! Also we have interviews with President on Saturday, and then onto the last week of the transfer!

Every monday of this month we have had training meetings with our zone but now we are finally done! We have had to wake up early every P Day and we havent been able to do much. We havent had food in our house for like a month and a half hahaha. But the other day a member took us to eat at this restaurant called Casiques…. Oh my goodness it is so stinking good. We wrote down the number and have ordered it to the house like 3 times since hahaha.

I sent some pictures of our zone! As you can see it is almost only sisters! We are missing two other elders in the picture but that is our life! We are basically just relief society presidents but in the mission. Whatever I think it is fun!

I hope that next week I can see photos of the newest nephew! I havent heard that anybody else is pregnant so he should be the only other one that I wont be there for when he is born! haha unless you are keeping secrets from me! haha

I love you all so much! Have an amazing week!!!
Con mucho amor,
Elder Judd

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