¡Dios bo´otik!

¡Hello familia! So this week was a really good week! On Thursday I hit one year! Ahh that scares me so much! I feel like I just got here yesterday! I feel like a year isn’t enough time to become the missionary I still want to become!

DSCF7098[1]So what to say about this week?? Last monday night we played soccer like always but it went pretty well because I scored like 4 goals! No big deal, Im kinda a soccer star. Although as we were finishing up playing, a pretty nasty storm came in. Actually the last couple of weeks have been full of them. They come and go super fast but the thunder and lightning is always super awesome.

Something that made me laugh this week was when I was talking with another american Elder in english and he said, “how come” and I didn’t understand that phrase at first. Even as I am writing it I still dont remember what how come means! Do we really say that in english?! Im forgetting english!!!!

We were able to do divisions twice this week. The first time was with the other elders in our ward. We work in the suburban part and they work in the pueblo part. Elder Aponte came with me in our area and Elder Anaya went with Elder Chocooj in the Pueblo. Elder Aponte is another Dominican and as I have mentioned in the past, Dominicans are awesome haha. He was with me when we found the tarantula and I almost died laughing watching him try to kill it hahaha. DSCF7105[1]

A really sad part that happened on Wednesday during the divisions, was when we stopped by this less actives member to visit them and he came out a little drunk and told us how he isnt mormon anymore, and that he is just christian. We couldnt really reason with him because he had been drinking but it was just really weird because this guy, his name is Hector, was one of the most amazing members a couple of months ago. The assistant, Elder Coffman, was here in Caucel a year ago and he said that Hector used to preach to everybody, and he even lost clients at his bikeshop because of it. And that he invited tons of people to church, and even converted his own wife by reading the Book of Mormon out loud every day. He stopped coming to church about 3 months ago because he got really sick for like 3 weeks and since then never returned. I think that he got a little depressed and lost any desire to go to church, but that was just the beginning. Since that, he has gotten mixed back into alcohol and marijuana, and joined another church that one of his buddies started a month ago in his house.

It was just really sad to see that Satan takes the littlest way in that he can to try and get to us. Just by getting Hector to stop coming to church and participating of the sacrament, he put him on a path that went way downhill. It is so sad how common this is though. I cant even count the number of times I have seen it happen here in my short time here. Members that go inactive for years is almost always because of something little and insignificant. The next thing you know, you go numb to the spirit, that is what happened with Hector. When he started drinking again, he lost the capability to have the spirit with him which makes it even that much harder to help him.

Although there is a little happy side to this story, because later on in the week, Elder Coffman, the assistant came with us to visit Hector because he was a good friend with them and we had a really good lesson about the atonement. I was amazed because a problem that seems so complex, or a scenario super deep and painful, or even the smallest minor thing, the atonement always applies. I thought of a line from a song called This is the Christ where it says, “how many drops of blood were shed for me?” and as I was thinking about it, Elder Coffman said the exact same thing in the lesson. It is really beautiful to be able to teach on the same page even without saying a word in between companions. The spirit works miracles.

I got kinda caught up on that story, I hope it makes sense. I told you I was losing my english so dont hate me if I mess up! On Thursday when I hit the one year mark we didn’t do anything special haha. We got home late (with permission from Presidente of course) and then just planned and went to bed haha, kinda anti climatic!

DSCF7099[1]We also had interviews with President on Saturday, and then this morning we had a big meeting with all the missionaries in Merida where he talked to us about how we need to give our all, because not everybody has been doing it. I looked at my own work and found a lot of things that I need to get better at! I also realized something too, that if we give everything we have, we will find that we dont really have a limit. President Eyring talked about this one time that when we really lose ourselves in the Lords work, even when we reach the edge of exhaustion, the point where we cant do any more, the Atonement of Jesus Christ and his example will always give us more strength to keep on serving. My goal is to get to that point! Keep me in your prayers and help me out with that!

I love you all so much! I hope you all have a good week!!!

Elder Judd

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