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¡¡¡Hello Fam Bam!!!


Happy new school year! It blows my mind to think that Ben is in third grade and even crazier that Jake and Cole went to school in MY car! haha Im just kidding, we all know it isn’t MY car Dad… haha Continue reading


Halacho peek!

Hows it going family! Congratulations to all the siblings that graduated this week!!!! I miss you and love you all a ton!

Really quickly because my time is just about gone already! This week was absolutely awesome!! Mainly because yesterday and today were super amazing but the week as a whole was really good! So last week I think I said how we are focusing on finding new people to teach right now, well we were able to find a lot of new investigators this week! So that was pretty cool! And the best part is that some of them came to church!!! That has always been the hardest part but this week the chapel was absolutely FULL!!! The assistance was 300 people and like 50 of them were investigators and less active members that we spent the week working with! It was so nice being able to sit back and relax and feel like we are having a little of success haha, although there is still a whole lot more to have!

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