¡Bix a be´el!



Sounds like everybody is doing well! Unfortunately summer is coming to an end, take advantage of the last couple of weeks!

This week was pretty good. First off my companion is awesome. Elder Zambrano and I get along really well. He is from Honduras, but we speak a ton of english together because he is working on his english and we just laugh all the time. Also he is a really hard worker and super awesome when we teach! Overall everything is going really well!

DSCF9386[1]So in our area what we focused on this week was finding new people to teach. We have a lot of people that havent progressed in the last couple of weeks so we are deciding to give them some space and look for “los escogidos”, or the chosen people. In Doctrine and Covenants it says that the chosen are those that listen to our message but dont harden your hearts. We have had to do a lot of searching this week. We put a goal to find at least 3 new investigators every day and a lot of times we would arrive at 5 or 6 o clock and not have found any so we just started to contact everybody. There are a lot of people that arent “escogido,” or that right now just isnt their time. Although something that President Garcia always says, it that when we do EVERYTHING we can to try and have success, God sees our efforts and will bless us with those chosen people! Thankfully, we were able to find several chosen people I think this week! Now we just have to work our bums off to help them get baptized!

DSCF9379[1]We had our leadership meeting with president Garcia this week and that was really good. He called all of the zone leaders up and we all looked at and analyzed the goals and numbers for each zone. I was so stinking scared when it was our turn haha. President planched us but also helped us with ideas for how to get better! That is where the goal for finding 3 new people every day came from.

DSCF9388[1]Today we went out to eat in Centro at this place called Trompos. The best place ever. And in an hour we are going to play soccer! Nothing new! I love you all so much! Have the best week ever!!!!!


Elder Judd

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