Halacho peek!

Hows it going family! Congratulations to all the siblings that graduated this week!!!! I miss you and love you all a ton!

Really quickly because my time is just about gone already! This week was absolutely awesome!! Mainly because yesterday and today were super amazing but the week as a whole was really good! So last week I think I said how we are focusing on finding new people to teach right now, well we were able to find a lot of new investigators this week! So that was pretty cool! And the best part is that some of them came to church!!! That has always been the hardest part but this week the chapel was absolutely FULL!!! The assistance was 300 people and like 50 of them were investigators and less active members that we spent the week working with! It was so nice being able to sit back and relax and feel like we are having a little of success haha, although there is still a whole lot more to have!

We also did divisions with Elder Torrentera the assistant this week. He was my zone leader in Campeche so I have mentioned him a couple of times, anyways hes a really good friend! We spent two days working with him and I learned a lot from him, and every day I learn from my companion. He is really awesome. We realized this week that when I first got here to Merida, he was already a zone leader haha. He is a stud.

Today was absolutely awesome. Instead of the normal district meeting, we had a special training meeting with President and Sister Garcia, the assistants, and the sister training leaders. It was with 4 zones, so there were a lot of missionaries which is always fun. They talked about a manual we have, Adapting to Missionary Life, and about all of the demands that come with missionary life, and the ways we can deal with the stress that is a normal part of missionary life. I liked being able to realize that I manage stress pretty well because I feel really happy, healthy, and am loving life, and I learned more than anything about how I can be better at helping other missionaries with their stress.

This week actually, one of the sisters in our zone got really sick from anxiety and was in the hospital for two days. She has had a tough time getting adjusted to missionary life and she has been having head splitting head aches until she passes out and just really, really bad anxiety problems. Anyways during the training meeting we went in between rooms in different workshops and each workshop was different, and all of them really special, and super spiritual. The point of my story is that the spirit was so strong, and the topic so specific that she left at almost 100% again! It was a miracle without a doubt!

Time is absolutely flying by! August is just about done with now! Bye bye summer! Enjoy the last week of it! I love you all so much! Sorry I didnt take photos this week! I will try and take some!


Elder Judd

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