¡¡¡Hello Fam Bam!!!


Happy new school year! It blows my mind to think that Ben is in third grade and even crazier that Jake and Cole went to school in MY car! haha Im just kidding, we all know it isn’t MY car Dad… haha

DSCF9476[1] DSCF9478[1] DSCF9475[1]

My week was really good! I hope you got all of my pictures! I sent a lot because this week we started running to the zoo in our area called Animaya in the mornings for our exercise. Surprisingly it is a lot easier to get motivated to go and run when you know that you are going to go play with some lions! haha. I don’t know if it is a typical Mexican zoo standard but we can get so close to them! People say that they don’t normally come out during the day because it is so hot out, but at 6 in the morning it is really nice out and they are awake and walking around! They come up right to the gate and play with us. The zoo also has all the classic animals, and whenever we run past the giraffes I think of Aunt Kim! haha

DSCF9473[1] DSCF9472[1] DSCF9519[1]

Also this week we did divisions with one of the district leaders and his companion. I stayed in our area and worked with Elder Adair. It was nice to mix things up a little, and Elder Adair is a good friend of mine! We didn’t work together very long though because they are secretaries and are always super busy in the mission offices. We actually have both companionships of secretaries in our zone, and it is tough because they haven’t been able to work in their areas very much. Tomorrow we are going to divisions with the other ones.

DSCF9513[1] DSCF9512[1] DSCF9511[1]

Oh so this was a good week because we had some really awesome progress with an investigator. Her name is Ambar, or Amber in english I think haha. She was a reference from a member in another ward. The first time we met her was over the phone because all we had was her phone number, and we weren’t able to teach her that week so we invited her to church and she came! It is hard to get people we teach for weeks to come to church, so to have her there was really cool! But that was like a month ago. In between that and this last week, we hadn’t seen her because every appointment we set fell through and she didn’t come to church. But we called her last week and set an appointment and this week we had a really awesome lesson and she committed to making the changes she needs to and to a baptismal date. She is 23, and the biggest problem is that all of her friends are bad influences that just go out to drink and smoke so she has to break her addiction to smoking and find the strength against the pressure of her friends. We are working with her on that though!

DSCF9509[1] DSCF9507[1]

This week wasn’t too hot until Friday, and then Friday, Saturday, yesterday and today have been deathly hot! Saturday was a pretty tough day because all of our appointments fell and I got nice and sun burnt but everything is fine now! haha

Everything is going really well here! Just loving life! I love you all so much! Have a good week!


Elder Judd 

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