Hello there familia!!

This week was pretty good! Nothing too crazy, but overall really good! On Monday it was cool because I got an email from a convert in Campeche from the beginning of my mission! It was cool because I figured she would have forgot about me saying as I probably said like 5 words the entire time I was in Campeche… hahaha But I was able to write a full email in spanish! It’s crazy how much ya learn in a year in Mexico! Tomorrow I actually officially hit 1 year in Mexico! So crazy!

This week we did a couple of divisions with other Elders too which was cool. First on Tuesday I went to Centro and worked with Elder Cook, but we could only work like half a day because they are secretaries and we lost time waiting for them in the offices. Although that morning President called us and another companionship of zone leaders to a meeting with him and the assistants and we just talked and brainstormed for a couple of hours about what we need to do better in the mission, and it was just fun to share ideas and learn from President Garcia, he is a stud!


Wednesday and Thursday we did divisions with the assistants and I worked with Elder Samano. He’s a super studly missionary and a good friend too so that was really fun. He actually goes home in two weeks! It rained like crazy on Thursday and we got absolutely soaked, and since then it has been more or less rainy all the time. This week is supposed to be really bad weather but we will see what happens! Last night I washed some clothes and hung them up outside but in the morning they were all wet from the rain…


We have a couple of people we are teaching that are progressing and should get baptized in the next two weeks which we are working for! One of thems name is Luis, he’s 13 years old and his parents are reactivating. When we first started visiting him he was really shy and closed, and didn’t want anything to do with the church but we have been working hard to gain his trust first and now he accepted a baptismal date and should get baptized next week! Whoo!

Sorry this letter is boring but I’m out of time! I love you so much! Have a good week everybody!!!!


Elder Judd

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