The Legacy Continues!

DSCF9601[1]Soooooo we had transfers today! Good news! I stayed here in Caucel!!!! Whooo! And really awesome too is my new companion is Elder Rojas! I dont think anyone will remember but I am pretty sure I mentioned him at the beginning of the mission. He arrived the same time I did to the mission and we both went to Campeche, and we even did divisions there when we only had 2 weeks in the mission field. Hes a really good friend and I was so stoked to hear that we are companions! He is coming from a little pueblito, the smallest one in the mission actually so he is in for a shock to see our ward of 300 people at church hahaha, almost like I was coming from Escarcega. And Im really happy to be staying here, I didnt want to leave yet. I still feel like I need 2 more transfers! And with Elder Rojas hopefully! Im super stoked!!!!

And also the last week was super duper amazing. We were able to do divisions which is always fun, and then starting on Thursday we had a meeting every day until Sunday with Elder De Hoyos, the area president. It was honestly the most amazing zone conference and meetings Ive had in the mission. It just blew my mind how he could take something so big and tough to work with like the work of salvation, and not just in the mission, but in all of Mexico because he is the area president for Mexico, and make all the answers seem so easy! It was really awesome… Probably my favorite thing he talked about was to all the zone leaders about how the church is governed by councils, and the principles that a good council should have, and how we should work as a council in the mission. Also we read in doctrine and covenants 43:8, it says, “and now behold I give unto you a commandment that whenever ye are assembled together ye shall instruct and edify each other that ye may know how to act and direct MY church, how to act upon the points of my law and commandments, which I have given.” Anyways he helped us understand how meeting together should help us to govern the church, but I love how the Lord states it in this verse, that is is HIS church, its nobody elses. And he taught us what it means to be “edified,” it means to see, think, and feel more like the Savior sees, thinks, and feels. I definitely felt that way for my own area and the mission work here! More than anything it was just cool to see how somebody in the almost highest level in the church acts and thinks and he answered a ton of questions for everybody. It was awesome.

DSCF9616[1] DSCF9619[1]Also we baptized this week! This teenager whos parents are less active members that we have been working with for some time now. I actually mentioned him last week I think… Anyways he got baptized Friday which was really awesome! And we are expecting to baptize this week too! Whoo! Everything is going really well!!

ANOTHER highlight was on Saturday we got to go to the temple!!! Whooooooooo!!! Elder Zambrano had a convert that was doing his endowments so we got to go, and it was so stinking amazing. I realized I hadnt been for more than a year! Hopefully pretty soon my own converts will be going! And it was the first time in spanish too! I understood everything! The temple here is absolutely adorable haha, it is super tiny! It was awesome to be able to go!

DSCF9621[1] DSCF9629[1]Those pictures of Avery, Alvin and Jaxson are so stinking adorable! It honestly blows my mind how big Avery is, and that there are two little boys that I havent met yet! Sounds like everybody is doing well at home! Dont forget to write me! haha I love you all so much! Also I love the mission! Have a good week everybody!


Elder Judd

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